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11 Shocking Employee Happiness That Will Boost Your Business

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One of the factors for business and organizational success depends on employee happiness. The problem is that many companies consider profits to be more important. Through several surveys and evidence, a huge reason that companies can earn more and have a good work environment is by making employees happier in the office. The logic is simple, when employees feel enthusiastic and happy with their conditions in the office, then they can unleash their maximum potential and maintain their good performances. We need to know what factors affect employee happiness, and how to get it. Let's read this article till the end.

What makes employees happy?

Employees will be happy at the office when they get a positive work environment with a good office culture. In addition, employees who get appreciation and are recognized will find it easier to collaborate and trust the team. Every company must understand what are the issues surrounding employees and what are the possibilities that make them down. Every manager or higher-up must continue to provide motivation and overcome issues without any pressure.

What are the five factors of employee happiness?

Five important factors make employees always passionate about their work and have the motivation to always develop better. Let's take a look at what can affect employee happiness.

  1. Team atmosphere

The team success can be assessed by how each employee creates supportive relationships with each other. If employees can create a pleasant work setting, it will be easy for them to collaborate. Even though the job is difficult, each employee will help each other to solve things together and ease stress. Plus, a team that has a positive atmosphere makes them more productive, work efficiently, and are happy to work with each other.

  1. Being appreciated

Everyone wants to see their contribution. Excellent work requires recognition. Every employee who receives praise, bonuses, or motivation will be more active in improving their skills and maintaining good performance. Employees will feel more enthusiastic and happy if they receive thank-you notes, are applauded, or receive rewards. Employee recognition is one of the core factors for workplace happiness.

  1. Growth opportunity

Employees need challenges to continue to develop and have a clear career path. A promotion will increase your salary. Some employees prefer to gain a lot of knowledge compared to a salary increase. In essence, all employees want to add something to themselves in terms of finances, position, or experience. If in a company it appears that there are no opportunities to add skills, positions, or any improvements, employees will look for another place.

  1. Meaningful roles

Each employee has a different job and role. Having a good job will feel more enjoyable if it has a good impact on the company or individual progress. If employees get positive results, they will also realize how essential their role is in a company. But to achieve this, companies must be able to align their employees with the company's mission and goals. Even though employees feel that their positions are not that special, they try to understand their roles clearly and have a positive impact on the company's progress.

  1. Work-life balance

Working hours that are too tight or overworked employees make them get tension and chronic stress. Every company must be able to adjust the work needs of each role without burdening employees during their working hours. Employees who are too tired from their work or under great pressure will tend to lack focus, severe anxiety, hypertension, and burnout. Managers must be able to manage workers' time so as not to burden them, and give them time off to regain their focus and enthusiasm.

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11 Effects of Employee Happiness on Business Progress

Employee Happiness

After we know about factors that make our employees happy, we will tell you what positive effects can be had when we start thinking about the joy of employees in their work.

  1. Happy employees will outperform the competition

Happy employees will care about the organization and have the desire to achieve company success. The happier employees are in the office, the more they will care about the office. They feel the need to invest their dedication and skills in the company's development. Otherwise, unhappy employees have no desire to perform at their best performance, only put in minimum effort and work just to avoid being fired.

  1. Happy employees are more productive

A happy place to work will bring comfort to work. We know that most people wake up in the morning and give up their intention of going to work. But it's different from happy employees who have excitement to come to the office and love what they do. By having the best feeling when going to the office or completing their work, productivity will increase.

  1. Happy salespeople will produce more sales

Salespeople are an important position for the progress of the company. If they are happy with the office conditions, have sufficient incentives, and their needs are met, then they are excited to achieve sales targets each month and compete positively with others for team success.

  1. Employees who get access to free food at the office are very happy with their current jobs

Every worker needs something to stay focused. After they've been through a few hours of work, they'll be a bit exhausted from hunger or needing a short break. This is an opportunity to prepare free snacks or drinks for employees to complete their desires. Every worker will stay focused and happy with every snack or drink they can enjoy in the middle of their working time.

  1. Close work friendships will boost employee satisfaction

Having a lot of positive friends at the office will improve happiness and overall employee satisfaction. You can build a positive culture by providing time for employees to chat outside of work hours, or holding team-building events for bonding between employees. The closeness between employees will create comfort in the workplace because it can lead to collaboration and helping each other.

  1. Taking care of employees personally

Surveys prove that employees whose needs are met will have high retention and keep up their good work. Until now, there are still many companies that only focus on sales and profits compared to employee wellness. They still do not know the positive impact that will be obtained when the company tries to fulfill the wants and needs of its employees. Most employees will be willing to give their best work when they are fulfilled, as their office offers help wherever they can.

  1. Employees who gain self-development progress will bring many benefits

Every company that gives time for its employees to develop in terms of knowledge and skills will bring many benefits to the progress of the company. Employees feel comfortable working better than before because they feel grateful for an office that cares about self-development and opportunities to use their skills and abilities. Sometimes a big salary isn't the only main reason for happiness, but having the opportunity to develop in terms of knowledge and skills will be more meaningful.

  1. Employee wellness

Employees feel happy when they have the opportunity to stay healthy through the company wellness program. Sometimes employees don't have time to exercise on weekends. They can feel more comfortable in the office because there are activities outside of work to stay energized, such as yoga classes, gym, exercise, or indoor sports.

  1. Happy employees are less likely to be stressed or sick

Many surveys show that employees who are happy with their workplace will have fewer sick days and are not easily stressed. Being happy at work means having happy boosts to the immune system. Unhappiness leads to burnout and stress and has a bad impact on the cardiovascular and immune systems.

  1. Rewards and recognition will bring employees’ best performances

Employees will not hesitate to bring out their best skills and performances when they are given prizes or praised when they do good work. They will align with the company's goals because they feel appreciated and understand that their hard work will be rewarded.

  1. Happy employees correlate with the number of company earns

If all the factors have been obtained by employees, they have no reason to be sad or unenthusiastic at their workplace. They will love their job and will not waste their work time. Employees will feel responsible for the progress of the company, and think about the best way to maximize company earnings.

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