10 Ways Thank You To a Team To Show Your Gratitude and Appreciation

10 Ways Thank You To a Team To Show Your Gratitude and Appreciation

Unlocking Workplace Magic: 10 Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Your Team

In the realm of business, a simple 'thank you' can work wonders. Discover ten ingenious ways to infuse gratitude into your team culture, from personalized care packages to cinematic outings. Explore how these gestures can ignite motivation, strengthen bonds, and transform your workplace into a thriving hub of appreciation and success."
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There are three magic words that are the key to successful communication, which are : please, sorry, and thank you. These three words have tremendous power, because everyone has a desire to be appreciated. But even so, some of these words are often forgotten, especially in the world of work. This time SMEBrother will discuss how you say thank you to a team as a form of gratitude and appreciation.

By saying thank you and doing something for the team, you can create a more productive and positive work environment. If you want to create the best office culture, you must consider thoughtful ways you can thank your team for their dedication.

Why is it Important to say thank you to a team?

Saying thank you to others is important because it not only feels good to you and to other people, but also builds trust and has closer bonds with your team. Team members will feel they are important to the team. People love it when they are recognized and valued. Even though not all team members need recognition, when you thank you to a team, it will remind your teammates that you value their hard work and encourage them to continue with the best performance. Indirectly what you do will builds their confidence.

Do you say thank you personally or direct to the team?

Ways Thank You To a Team

It depends on how success is obtained from an individual or a team. If you and your team complete a project together or achieve a milestone together, then you should thank you to a team. But, if someone from the team is working extra, then you have to say thank you personally, and don't forget to say thank you to others afterwards. Let the team celebrate together for mutual success, so that each team member appreciates each other's efforts and makes the team solid and achieve goals together.

How to thank your team for their dedication

Workers like to be recognized and appreciated. Thanked employees prefer to be engaged at work and think that their work has meaning and purpose. That means saying thank you to your workers not only in proper manners, but encouraging them to do better and in proper business practice. Let's see a list of ways to say thank you to your team that show your appreciation and gratitude.

  1. Give each team member a thank you care package

Motivate your employees by providing a care package as a big thank you to your team. Choose a care package with full of thoughtful treats as a reward for the team's excellent performance. You can choose between useful tech, tasty treats, or stationery for them to use at home or at the office. Employees will be happy when they are given a prize after they complete a job well. It will make them motivated to maintain the quality of their work and try their best for their next achievement.

12 Best List of Fun Morale Boosters for Employees

  1. Create team awards

One of the best office culture is giving awards to an employee or a team. Each company will have several teams with different types of fields. You can create a special event for team awards with an in-office ceremony or outside the office such as a restaurant, villa or hotel. Start the award ceremony with an appreciation speech, followed by handing over prizes to personal or team members. Personalized thank you or team thank you can be memorable moments for employees, coupled with the gifts they receive.

  1. Ask the team how they like to be rewarded

Sometimes, as a manager or owner, we don't really know what our team wants when they successfully complete a large project or experience a significant improvement. We can ask team members what gifts or activities they want as a reward for their hard work. Managers or owners will get insight and learn what types of recognition matter for employees. If the team is satisfied with the prizes or activities they receive, then you can set up the future success, because employees feel their wishes are fulfilled and their good work is appreciated.

  1. The gift of wellness

One of the best ways to say thank you to your employees is to pay attention to their wellness. You can provide a monthly gym membership or provide access to workout together at the office. Healthy employees can increase their productivity. You can choose to give employees the opportunity to pass to a nearby gym, yoga studio, or provide one or two special tools for simple workouts at the office.

  1. Free lunch or dinner

One way to increase bonding with team members is to say thank you at lunch or dinner together. Invite team members for lunch or dinner at an outstanding place, convey your gratitude to the team, and treat them with the best food at that restaurant. After eating, you can chat with employees to increase bonding with them, and chat about things outside of work. After returning to the office, you can focus again on directing the team, and encourage them to step up and get another achievement.

  1. Training and courses

Saying thank you and giving courses or training to improve team member's skills is a good thing. You can provide training or courses related to the fields of employees, or you can participate with them. When team members get new knowledge, it will be useful for you and also for business progress. Employees will feel grateful for having the opportunity to take courses or training, because they feel valued for their work and are given new knowledge for free.

  1. Movie time

Saying thank you to your team, you can give free tickets to watch new movies together during the weekday. A day off is acceptable to celebrate the success of employees with their best performance. You can make it a special event by renting a cinema so that a whole team can attend, and try to make sure that the film you choose is the favorite of your employees.

  1. Giving time off

If you give the team more time to complete a tough project, or the team can reach an amazing milestone, you can say thank you and give the team some time off from work. You don't have to give multiple days off, you can choose between giving one more day off than usual, or allow employees to leave early or come in later than usual. Ensure the workload for the next schedule can still be caught up, and maintain team performance after giving them time off.

  1. Say it with hampers

Send the employee a small hamper with edible fruit, cookies and drinks. You can send it directly to their homes, so employees can enjoy healthy hampers with their families, or enjoy them alone at the office. Even though it seems simple, you can give a special note about how well the team is performing, and how grateful you are for their good work.

  1. Shopping vouchers

Say thank you to your employees by providing special rewards such as vouchers and gift cards. Let employees shop for their favorite items, according to the tasks they accomplished. You can give employees tokens for every task they complete well, and can be traded with gift vouchers at the end of each month.


That's all about saying thank you for showing your appreciation and gratitude to the team from SMEBrother. If you want to see other information about how to raise the level of a small business or medium-sized business to a wider scale, visit our website and get the information you need.