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The types of work permits for foreigners are divided into three categories: foreign high-end talents (category A), foreign professionals (category B), and foreign ordinary personnel (category C). 外國人工作許可類型分為外國高端人才(A類)、外國專業人才(B類)、外國普通人員(C類)三類實行分類管理。

  • Foreign high-end talents (Class A) Talents, innovative and entrepreneurial talents, and outstanding young talents who have been selected into the domestic talent introduction plan, meet internationally recognized standards for professional achievement, and meet the needs of market-oriented encouraged positions. According to the "Integral Element Score Assignment Table" to calculate the point score is greater than 85 points.外國高端人才 (A類) 入選國內人才引進計劃的、符合國際公認的專業成就認定標準的、符合市場導向的鼓勵類崗位需求的人才、創新創業人才、優秀青年人才。根據《積分要素計分賦值表》計算計點積分大於85分。
  • Foreign professionals (Class B) Comply with the guidance catalog and job requirements for foreigners working in China, and belong to foreign professionals urgently needed for the development of China's economic and social undertakings. Professional talents with a score of 60 or more. 外國專業人才 (B類) 符合外國人來華工作指導目錄和崗位需求,屬於中國經濟社會事業發展急需的外國專業人才。計點積分在60分以上的專業人才。
  • Ordinary foreign personnel (Class C) Foreign personnel who meet the current regulations on the management of foreigners working in China, foreign personnel engaged in temporary and short-term work, and personnel subject to quota system management. 外國普通人員 (C類) 符合現行外國人在中國工作管理規定的外國人員、從事臨時性、短期性工作的外國人員、實施配額制管理的人員。

Employers must go through legal employment procedures for foreign employees: Work Permit for Foreigners + Residence Permit for Foreigners. 用人單位必須為外國就業者辦理合法的就業手續: 外國人工作許可證+外國人居留許可

Checklist 資料清單Requirement 要求
Application Form 聘用外國人來華工作許可申請表在線填寫打印,申請人簽字後,加蓋用人單位公章或經單位授權部門公章上傳至系統。
Proof of working experience 工作資歷證明由申請人原工作過的單位出具從事與現聘用崗位工作相關的工作經歷證明,需申請人原工作單位加蓋公章或負責人簽字。
Certificate of No Criminal Record  官方出具的無犯罪記錄證明由申請人國籍國或經常居住地警察、安全、法院、公證機關等部門以及國籍國駐華使、領館或中國駐外使、領館認證
Highest degree certificate 最高學位證書最高學位(學歷)證書須經國內駐外使、領館或由申請人所在國駐華使、領館或所在國公證機構或國內學歷認證機構認證
Medical certificate 申請人體檢證明申請人體檢證明須由中國外使、領館認可的境外衛生醫療機構出具的體檢報告或中國境內檢驗檢疫機構出具的健康證明,簽發時間在6 個月內。
Employment contract or certificate 聘用合同或任職證明應提供中文合同,須由申請人簽名並加蓋單位公章,不得塗改。
Passport or international travel document 申请人护照或国际旅行证件護照或國際旅行證件信息頁。
Full-face bareheaded photo within 6 months 申請人6 個月內正面免冠照片 近期免冠電子照片,白色背景,無邊框,頭像居中約佔照片尺寸2/3,圖像清晰,無半點、瑕疵、印墨缺陷,JPG 格式,文件大小在150KB以上,尺寸在1024 像素(高)* 768像素(寬),分辨率不低於300DPI、32 真色彩。
Relevant certification materials for accompanying family members 隨行家屬相關 證明材料包括隨行家屬護照(或國際旅行證件)信息頁、家屬關係證明(配偶—結婚證書,子女-出生證明)、體檢報告(18 周歲以上家屬)以及電子照片。

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More instructions on visa categories for foreigners coming to China. 更多外國人來華簽證類別說明

CInternational train attendants, international aircraft crew members, international sailing ship crew members and their accompanying family members who perform crew, aviation and shipping tasks, and car drivers engaged in international road transport
DPeople who go to China for permanent residence
FThose who go to China to engage in activities such as exchanges, visits, and investigations
GPersons transiting through China
J1Foreign resident journalists of Chinese news organizations who are resident (staying for more than 180 days) (residence permit is required after entry)
J2Foreign journalists who go to China for short-term coverage (with a stay of no more than 180 days)
LTourists to China
MPersons who go to China for business and trade activities
Q1Family members of Chinese citizens who apply for residence in China due to family reunification, family members of foreigners with Chinese permanent residence status, and persons applying for entry and residence due to foster care and other reasons (residence permits are required after entry)
Q2Relatives of Chinese citizens living in China and relatives of foreigners with Chinese permanent residence status who go to China for short-term (not exceeding 180 days) visits
RChina needs high-level foreign talents and urgently needed specialized talents
S1Spouses, parents, children under the age of 18, parents of spouses of foreigners who go to China for long-term (more than 180 days) visits to relatives in China for work, study, etc., and who need to stay in China for other private affairs Personnel (requires a residence permit after entering the country)
S2Family members of foreigners who go to China for short-term visits (not exceeding 180 days) to stay in China for work, study, etc., and people who need to stay in China for other private affairs
X1Those who study in China for a long time (more than 180 days) (residence permit is required after entry)
X2Those who study in China for a short period of time (no more than 180 days)
ZPersonnel working in China

Business visa for foreigners in Hong Kong to come to China

Foreigners may consider entering Hong Kong first and then applying for a visa from Hong Kong to enter the mainland. The visa application process is very efficient and convenient. 外國人考慮選擇先入境香港,再由香港辦理簽證入境大陸, 簽證辦理流程非常有效率且便捷。


Required materials 所需資料:
1.Completed "Visa Application Form of the People's Republic of China填好的《中華人民共和國簽證申請表》
2.Original and photocopy of passport valid for more than one month and with blank visa page有效期在個月以上、有空白簽證頁的護照正本及影本
3.One ID photo taken within six months六個月以內證件照一張
4.Invitation letter and other information邀請函和其他資料

Fill out the visa application form 填寫簽證申請表

Print the application form, sign it and submit it to the Chinese Visa Application Center in Hong Kong 列印申請表並簽字,遞交至香港中國簽證申請中心

Go to the China Visa Application Service Center to apply for a Chinese visa 前往中國簽證申請服務中心申辦中國簽證

1. Applicants must be in Hong Kong during the visa application period. Exceptions are made for foreign businessmen currently residing in Taiwan.申辦簽證期間,申請人必須在香港。 目前居住在台灣的外籍商人除外。
2.The type, validity period, period of stay and number of entries for a visa to China are determined by consular officials based on China’s relevant laws and regulations, the applicant’s status and the purpose of traveling to China.赴華簽證種類、有效期限、停留期及入境次數,由領事官員依據中國的有關法律和規定及申請人狀況、赴華目的綜合做出決定

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