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Open China BANK Account REMOTELY.

SME Bro office in Shenzhen
SME Bro深圳辦公室 

Unlike most agents in Hong Kong, who just outsource to China agents to handle your job,  SME Bro has in house staffs in our Shenzhen office, to handle all your personal information and ensure your company opening go as smooth as possible. 
與大多數香港代理商只將您的工作外包給中國代理商不同,SME Bro在我們的深圳辦事處設有內部人員,以處理您的所有個人信息,並確保您的資料保密性

Best Price in Hong Kong

Our customers are 99% small and medium companies - and we price it to fit their budget. SME Bro typically price 20% or more than other servicing companies so you can save more!我們的客戶 99% 是中小型公司——我們根據他們的預算進行定價。 SME Bro 的價格通常比其他服務公司低 20% 或更低,因此您可以節省更多!

Quick & Simple
快速 簡單

We can open China companies for our client as fast as 1 week. With Simple quesionaire and a few documents from you, you can easily start your China Company in no time!
我們可以在 1 週內為我們的客戶開設大陸公司銀行賬戶。 只需簡單的問捲和您提供的一些文件,您就可以輕鬆地立即開始您的大陸公司賬戶!

One Pirce for Bank Account Opening

Open China Bank Account | 開大陸銀行戶口
Open China Bank Account | 開大陸銀行戶口

Open China Bank Account | 開大陸銀行戶口


SME BRO 開大陸銀行戶口

全港最快最專業開大陸銀行戶口. 全程香港人在深圳或廣州為你跟進。保證成功。詳情請電郵或WhatsApp專屬客戶經理。

所需文件 國內商業登記證
申請需時 2-4星期,實際時間按情況而定

Life Time free Support終身免費咨詢支持 

We know you have questions from time to time - and once you are a SME Bro customer, you can enjoy life time free consultancy from our professional teams.
我們知道您有時會遇到問題 - 一旦您成為 SME Bro 客戶,您就可以享受我們專業團隊提供的終身免費諮詢服務。

100% Satisfication

Found in 2014, SME Bro is here to support local companies to get their business services right. Today, we have served over 1200 + customers, and we take every customer's 100% satisfication to our heart. We guarateed you will be happy with our service. 
SME Bro 成立於 2014 年,旨在支持本地公司獲得準確的財務服務。今天,我們已經服務了超過1200+的客戶,我們把每一位客戶的100%滿意放在心上。我們保證您會對我們的服務感到滿意

We go the extra miles

As SME companies owners, it's difficult for you to obtain professional advices - that's why you need someone like us, who can give you 24/7 professional advices when you need it.
作為中小企業的所有者,您很難獲得專業的建議 - 這就是為什麼您需要像我們這樣的人,他們可以在您需要時為您提供 24/7 的專業建議

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