Apply for Hong Kong Work Visa



Employees are required to provide the following documentation

  • Completely fill in the Application Form for Employment of Hong Kong Professionals
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Photocopy of Hong Kong ID card (if any)
  • Photocopy of documents proving overseas residence
  • Photocopies of academic qualifications and resume
  • Recommendation letters or letters of appointment from all past jobs

The following company documents (provided by the employer)

Complete the application form for employment of professionals in Hong Kong

Documents regarding company background details, such as business activities, operating methods, company background/connections, product range

For newly established companies: Detailed business plan 

Photocopy of proof of financial status (such as the latest audited financial report.)

Let’s show specification, advantage or difference of your product inform a short paragraph, combine them with real-life image to convince people buy your product

A copy of the employer’s business registration certificate

Photocopy of employment contract

Application process and timeline

How to apply for a Hong Kong work visa

We will submit your application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department (signed application form and all supporting documents from the sponsoring company and applicant). 
After submitting an application, it usually takes six weeks to receive an initial response from the Hong Kong Immigration Department. The Hong Kong Immigration Department may then approve the application within six to eight weeks (two to three months) depending on the complexity of your application.
If the application is successful, the Hong Kong Immigration Department will issue a work visa/entry permit label.
 Upon entry, successful applicants will normally be granted an initial stay of twelve months, subject to the conditions of employment or the term of the employment contract, whichever is shorter. They may apply to extend their stay within four weeks before the expiry of their stay.

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