What Is Backlink and Its Role in SEO

What Is Backlink and Its Role in SEO

Backlink is a link from another website that is linked to your website. The main point of backlink is used for optimization purposes so your website is verified in search engine’s algorithm.

Backlink is a link from another website that is linked to your website. The main point of backlink is used for optimization purposes so your website is verified in search engine’s algorithm. Learn more about backlink strategy, functions, types, and know why backlinks are important in SEO rules.

What Is Backlink?

Backlinks are the links from other websites or pages that lead to your website, or vice versa. Backlink is used as a measurement on search engines such Google or Bing to tell that your contents are believable and noteworthy.

Backlink can be used as a ranking signal too on search engines. Mostly, if you get backlinks from high-quality pages or websites. That means, you get the recognition from them that can increase website’s visibility and rating on search engines.

Indeed, another benefit of backlinks in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to increase the website traffic and expand the audience to a higher lever. For instance, when you have a backlink from a bigger website, that means some of their audience will also click then visit on your website. Those audiences could be the potential visitors for the growth of your site.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks play an important role in SEO strategy. Search engines such as Google do the crawling technique from time to time to find the relevant website in specific keywords. Backlink can help Google to find your website to appear in its top search results.

Meanwhile, there are more reasons why are backlinks important:

1. Maintains Website Reputation on Search Engines

Do you know that Google uses backlinks as one of those website popularity indicators? The more backlinks -qualified backlinks- you get from other incredible websites can boost your website value. That also means you get a good verified reputation from Google.

By that, Google will consider showing your website in the top page search result. When audiences search for a specific keyword, Google will only show the most popular, informatave, and trustable website. Indeed, that must be your website.

2. Google Finds Your Website Through Backlinks

Google algorithm is mysterious, but one thing for sure, it’s looking for a new good website that publishes relevant keywords every other day. The more backlinks you have, the easier it is for Google to find your page.

Meanwhile, consider calling an SEO agency to plan the backlink strategies. Getting so many random backlinks from underrated websites can be spam on the internet and search engines won’t like it.

3. Relevant Backlinks Increase Website Credibility and Trustworthiness

Let’s talk about backlinks SEO and how it can increase our website credibility and trustworthiness. Let’s say you have a website with a specific niche about T-shirts, then it is so good if you get a backlink from another bigger website with a fashion niche. Do you get it?

When you do, the relevant backlinks is another form of approval that your website is credible and trusted linking for the fashion world. It would not be relevant, trustworthy, and good if your T-shirt website has a backlink from a website about computers.

4. Backlinks Bring Traffic to the Website

Based on SEMrush, backlinks and guest posts can boost the website traffic, organic and referral traffic. Relevant backlinks get Google easier to find your website to show up on search results. Also, a backlink form a bigger website can lead more new audiences. This is the ultimate backlink strategy to increase ranking on Alexa Rank too.

5. Increases Website Popularity and Discoverability on Search Engine

Backlinking your site on one website to another can be one consideration of website popularity. It also increases the chance of your website visibility on search engines. When your website gets those to keys -popularity and visibility- the website can be Google and audience’s favorite when they are looking for information from specific keywords.

What Types of Backlinks are Valuable?

You finally understand about the backlinks definition, now we’ll explain about what types of backlink building that are valuable for your website. Not all backlinks can do you good, know what’s good backlink criterias:

1. The Authority and Credibility of the Linking Site

The most worthy backlinks come from a quality and bigger website. A guest post of a backlink from a popular and trusted website sends more votes to search engines to track your website well.

2. On-Site Link Location

Have a backlink on-site link location, means in the body article and refers to a specific outbound link. A backlink on header, sidebad, or footer is not working so much. If you don’t know how to, you can ask for advice to an SEO agency about the backlink building services to increase website traffic.

3. Consider The Follow vs. No Follow Links

When a website puts your website link on their article, they can set a HTML code as a dofollow or no follow link. This is what are dofollow and nofollow links according to Alexa:

  • Dofollow link is the type of backlink that gives value to search engines.
  • Nofollow link is gonna pass by the search engine. It’s not gonna do anything to your website link.

Most publishers prefer the dofollow links. Do follow links will tell the search engine to notice your website.

4. Get Backlink That Never Linked to Your Website Before

If you have a backlink for xyz.com for thirteen times in a row, that’s not going to be a powerful SEO strategy. Find another bigger website to have a backlink to your website. Also, the domain should be relevant to your website.

5. The Backlink Linking to Specific Target Keywords

Get a backlink to another website that includes a target keyword of yours. Link that as an anchor link. There is one study that linked a correlation between keyword-rich anchor text and higher rankings for that keyword.


Indeed, that’s all about the backlink strategy. You can also use a backlink checker such as Backlinko blog, SEMrush, and Neil Patel backlink site to find out who links to you and it’s to build links to boost your ranking.

You are also suggested to use backlinks SEO from webinars, business profiles, editorial, guest post, and comment backlinks. Please avoid paid links, low quality backlinks, or or irrelevant directory links.

If you don’t know how to do backlink strategy by yourself, you can ask for help from a trusted content marketing agency. SMEBRO is a credible and trusted agency with professional history in internet business to help you to optimize your website using several traffic approaches, SEO service, and content marketing.