Why You Need an SEO Agency?

Why You Need an SEO Agency?

The reasons why you need an SEO agency is because they will help your online business to grow the way you wanted it to be.

The reasons why you need an SEO agency is because they will help your online business to grow the way you wanted it to be. Know more about all the approaches and services that an SEO agency can do for your business here!

What Can a SEO Services Company Do?

If you are new to the digital world, you might be confused about what SEO is. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must online marketing approach to follow, with the main function to increase your online visibility. This is also used to increase your page’s traffic and ranking that will give a positive impact for your business.

What Is SEO – Why Is SEO Important

Indeed, you may need an SEO agency service to do the online marketing job. An SEO agent is the expert to analyze your website, competitors, plan the strategies, and observe every detail needed for website optimization.

Know more about why you need an SEO agency to build top website, they are:

1. Keyphrase Research and Identification

Keyword research is the process of finding potential keywords that match your type of business and target audience. This is the ultimate SEO strategy to increase website traffic using the organic traffic approach.

The works of keyword research includes analyzing specific keywords that internet users search on search engine machines such as Google and Bing. You will know what the most searched keywords are and you will write the article with SEO friendly approaches. Indeed, an SEO agency will also help you to analyze how the competitors work using the same keywords so your content can reach better results.

For example, you want to sell something on your website then an SEO specialist suggests potential keywords from keywords tools such as Keyword Surfer and KeywordToolsIO. Weeks later you will see that one optimized article is on page one and the traffic is increased, as well as the customers that find your product interesting.

Another SEO agency main job is to encompasse your website with local search engine optimization. This is the SEO branch that centered on using local search results, such as:

  • Jeans shop near me
  • Jeans shop nearby
  • Jeans repair shop near me
  • Best jeans shop near me

If you have a clothing line business, you can use those local keywords to get more traffic and potential customers. Why local search is important? Don’t you know that 50% of customers searched for a local search from their mobile phone before they visited the offline store? Also, 78% audiences who did a local search ended up buying the products.

2. Initial Website Optimization

Why you need an seo specialist is because they will do the initial website optimization job, benefits of SEO agency includes:

  • Analyze the keywords that are beneficial for your business. You might use the targeted keywords to write the long-last topic article or long-tail keywords from Ubersuggest.
  • Optimize for on-page SEO, that includes the meta description, categories, URL slugs, subheadlines, and other features on your on-page website.
  • Optimize for off-page SEO, that’s how you boost website traffic from your outside website. That includes backlink, guest post, promotion on social media, and more content marketing insights.
  • Analyze the website competitors by publishing informative, qualified, and trusted contents.
  • Study your niche, your goals, and so your branding.

Initial website optimization is the process using all the SEO strategies to advance strategies to boost the traffic so your website climbs to the top rank in the SERPs.

3. Submission to Search Engines

First thing first, your website needs to be indexed on a search engine machine (eg: Google) as the proof that your website is noticed and verified. If your site is not Google’s index, the audience won’t be able to reach your website. To make your site indexed, you need to submit your site to Google.

How you do that? That’s why you need a SEO specialist to help you manage it. Usually it’s easier and faster for Google to index a new site and you can do it manually, but the SEO service agency can speed the process.

  • This is how to submit your site to search engines:
  • Request indexing with the inspect a URL tool in Search Console.
  • Use internal links on articles.
  • Link your website on another website, use the backlink or guest post strategies.
  • Use other Bing Webmaster Tools, Yandex Webmaster Tools, and more.

You can check if your site is on the index page by typing the URL name and see if your site is on suggestion keyword and is on the top of the search page. Also, it’s unknown how long it’s going to take to your page to be on index but you can trust an SEO agency to make it quicker.

4. Improving the User Experience

It’s not only about the quality of your website content or how great your SEM content marketing is, but it’s also about the user experience. User experience is how the use feels when exploring your website, including the application, system, or service.

You can work with an SEO agency and developer to improve your website speed, supporting features, site structure, design elements, and all parts for the best user experience. No users like to spend more time on a long-loading page, an error, or bad design site, whether using computer or mobile site. Even Neil Patel suggests to remove anything that slow down your site.

5. Quality Link Building

The last but not least reason why you need an SEO agency is because they know how to process link building. Link building is simply the SEO technique to get along with other websites to link back to your website. This is likely the point of back link or guest post, but you need to get qualified link building.

Link building is one of Google’s algorithms to state that your website is not a low quality business site but it’s verified. Most frequently, sites with quality link building have more traffic and higher ranking. An SEO agency has good channels to link your website to other popular websites.

6. Conclucion

SEO can be complicated and challenging, that’s why you need an SEO agency. Also, Google algorithm is complex. SEO agency is a professional to help you to boost your website traffic and ranking. They also can provide you tips, tricks, guidance, and details to create a big good reputation for your website.

You want to have high traffic and a high ranking website but you don’t know why? Then, you should call an SEO agency to plan all the website strategy and content marketing. SMEBro as a professional SEO Agency Hong Kong is ready to optimize your website to reach the goals. Check out our SEO service and benefits.