Everything You Need To Know About Field Marketing

Everything You Need To Know About Field Marketing

Every business model needs marketing to promote its business. Marketing is like a vehicle for companies to drive leads and sales. There are several types of marketing that can be used in every business, such as traditional marketing, digital marketing, field marketing, and others. Even though each type of marketing provides the same results, each company has its own steps to choose which type, and match it with the type of business.

This time, SMEBrothers will discuss what you need to know about field marketing, and how to implement it in your business.

What is field marketing?

Field marketing is a number of activities sought out by marketers to build brands, lead generation, and customer relationships for a company or client. The method uses a measurable process, and involves face-to-face interactions with customers and other leads.

Some examples of field marketing activities are direct sales promotions, product demonstrations, roadshows, events, and webinars. The goal is to influence, inform, persuade and educate customers to buy the services or products offered.

Types of field marketing campaigns

There are several common methods that are often used for campaigns by field marketers. Some of these things can be done according to business needs, or just a few of them can be done.

  1. Product demos

The most common activity by field marketers is by giving free samples, product giveaways, and hands-on experiences. Its use is to introduce products or services directly. Often used by big brands in providing new product variants.

  1. Guerilla marketing

Field marketers are being more creative with their approach by selecting an atypical location, a unique method that they want to develop themselves, with the element of surprise. The tactics are unconventional, and depend on plenty of imagination and energy.

  1. Retail audits

Field marketers visit stores to collect data about promotional materials, signage, products, etc., to determine whether retailer partnerships meet the needs or need to be improved.

  1. Direct selling

After doing product demos, sometimes field marketers must be ready if there are actual sales, and every filed marketer must be ready with a stock of items that are ready and sold right away.

  1. Tradeshows

Businesses have time to showcase their products and services to potential partners or prospective customers.

  1. Conferences

The company provides an educational experience to attract B2B audiences to your brand by holding events.

What does field marketer do?

Field marketers have more roles in sales, making it feel more like a salesperson than a marketing one. Simply put, field marketers can be the best in both sales and marketing. A field marketer helps to reach sales and marketing goals by offering samples, meeting with prospects, and building relationships.

Three common field marketers activities are improving brand awareness, boosting sales while on location, and increasing engagement at targeted locations. You will often see field marketers in the field at local networking events, and carry out activities such as offering samples and making direct sales to customers and prospects.

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There is a slight difference between B2C and B2B field marketing. B2C field marketers are more common in local venues, such as restaurants, shopping malls, gyms, marathons, street corners, and other similar events. While B2B field marketers engage with clients in various touchpoints, such as webinars, events, trade shows, conferences, and meetings.

Responsibilities of field marketers

Field marketers are skilled both in marketing and sales. When viewed from the two things that must be mastered, they have quite a lot of responsibilities. Field marketers must make plans and complete the field marketing campaigns, after making previous preparations by conducting preliminary research.

field marketing

Every field marketer must have in-depth knowledge of product lines and services, ready to answer any questions prospects or customers have about services or products at any level. During field marketing events, field marketers produce various signage, marketing collateral, literature, merchandise, etc. They need to maintain relationships with retailers, third-party vendors and venues.

If there are competitors in the same location, field marketers must monitor and analyze how competitors offer their products and services, and always learn new things about industry trends. Not only expert in offline marketing and sales, but also managing social media for field marketing campaigns.

Field marketers must come to relevant conferences, trade shows, and other events to share customer and lead intel with the sales team. After everything is done, field marketers create reports for any activities and results.

Benefits of field marketing

With many responsibilities as field marketers, we can expect many benefits to be gained. Field marketers are specially trained for meeting and meeting the needs of the target audience, as well as being perfect in knowing the brand's values, goals and inner workings. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of field marketing.

  1. Improve brand perception

Brand perception is a positive light for every business. Customers are starting to see your brand as something to consider or buy. If field marketers can be successful in bringing the target audience to see our brand, then you can build a reputation and gain their trust from people who only see your brand to prospective customers.

Getting out your brand into the field can help you to improve brand perception. This is better than placing banner ads, because not many people see banner ads and focus on them. In contrast to the existence of field marketers who can directly interact with prospective buyers and introduce your product directly.

  1. Handles customers

It is natural for customers to be skeptical with a new brand or a brand they have not known before. One way to introduce them is with field marketing. By having a special person who is directly in the field, your brand has wider opportunities to answer what customers say about your company or products, up to answering any hard or harsh questions about anything related to your business.

Field marketers are trained to answer any questions regarding brands and product demonstrations directly in front of their customers. If done right, this can change the outlook for customers who were initially skeptical, to become convinced of your brand.

  1. Accurate targeting

Face-to-face activity by field marketers has many opportunities to learn about what customers like and don't like in certain products. If you combine quantitative data with information obtained from the fields, you can target your audience in more detail. Field marketing that has got the right location and understands what customers want will find it easier to get leads and sales.

  1. Builds relationship with customers

Field marketers have the opportunity to create memorable experiences with customers by giving samples, explaining products or services in detail, or talking a lot about your product until these customers feel connected. This leaves positive impressions for your prospects, and can be a great opportunity for future sales.


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