Questions about exchanging a HK driving license

Questions about exchanging a HK driving license

Changing a driving license is a problem experienced by many people, especially if they did not have a Hong Kong driver's license to begin with. Exchanging a driver license can be due to many reasons, such as moving assignments to Hong Kong, moving houses, temporarily changing assignments from another country, etc.

Whatever the reason, sometimes exchanging a driver license is needed as soon as possible to make it easier for users to use a car or motorbike and reduce commuting time. Driving licenses from other countries are exchangeable, but depend on the regulations of the destination country. This time we will discuss the HK driving license and where we can change it if we have a driving license from Mainland China or other countries.

How do I get a HK drivers license?

Before we discuss exchanging to HK driving license, we will tell you how to become a driver in Hong Kong. First, you have to learn to drive. Much driving training is provided at government designated driving schools or with a private driving instructor. The 4 designated driving schools in Hong Kong are in Yuen Long, Shatin, Ap Lei Chau, and Kwun Tong. For someone who has never had any driving experience, they must go through 30 hours of training before taking the driving test.

If you want to drive a motor vehicle on the road, you must bring a learner's driving license with several conditions. For light goods vehicles and private cars, you must be at least 18 years old, then submit the application form TD555 or apply online.

For motor cycles, enroll in a mandatory training course or designated driving school to gain basic skills for driving a motor cycle, do a written test, submit the application form TD555 with a Competence Test (Part B) and a Road Test (Part C) appointment.

For commercial vehicles, you must be at least 21 years old, have a full driving license to drive a light good vehicle or private car for at least 1 year, and submit the application form TD556 or apply online.

Driving test appointment

The driving test appointment depends on the vehicle class, via written test and road test. You must pass all parts of the test before applying for a probationary or full driving license.

driving license

For non-commercial vehicles, you must be at least 18 years old, submit the application form TD82 to the Hong Kong Licensing Office in person or by agent, apply online, or by post to the Kowloon Licensing Office.

For commercial vehicles, you must be at least 21 years old, have a full driving license for a light goods vehicle or drive a private car for at least 1 year, not carry out road traffic offenses during the 5 years preceding the application, hold a Hong Kong Identity Card or valid Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card, and applying online or submitting the application form TD321 to Transport Department by post.

Applying for a driving license

The full driving license is divided into two, namely for non-commercial vehicles and commercial vehicles. For non-commercial vehicles, for private cars, motor cycles, motor tricycles, or light goods vehicles, you can only apply for a full driving license within 3 years after going through the probationary driving period.

For commercial vehicles, you can apply for a full driving license within 3 years after passing the driving test. Submit the application form TD557 or apply online. For complete information about driving licenses, if you still have the information you need, you can see it on GovHK's websites.

What are the parts of the driving test in Hong Kong?

The driving test in Hong Kong has 2 parts, a written test and a road test. The written test has 20 questions with multiple-choice questions. You can pass if you can answer 16 or more questions correctly within 20 minutes.

For road tests, there is a daily quota for each vehicle type and current number of people waiting. There are 17 road test centers in Hong Kong with 89 road test routes in total. All routes have necessary test items such as traffic signals and road junctions. The candidates must be able to respond to various road conditions and possess sufficient driving skills and abilities.

For visitors who are not planning to stay in Hong Kong for more than one year, you can use a foreign driving license. But for someone who stays longer than a year, may change their foreign driving license for a Hong Kong one. Holders of an overseas driving license can apply for a full driving license without having to take a driving test. However, the driving license must be valid and not expired for more than 3 years, and must be obtained from passing a driving test at that location.

If the above requirements are not met, the candidate must go to the Transport Department for a license exchange application with application form TD63A and must be submitted in person or by an authorized person.

How do I convert my driving license to Hong Kong?

If you want to convert from China driving license in Hong Kong or other countries driving license to Hong Kong, you need to visit the Transport Department or a certain agent who can help you to arrange it and follow specific guidelines.

The process involves providing documentation, such as proof of identity, current driving license, and proof of residency in Hong Kong. You need to pass a driving test and medical examination, depending on regulations in Hong Kong and your current driving license. Always check the latest requirements and procedures to ensure you get up-to-date information.

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