How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong

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It’s easy to decide whether hiring digital marketing agency Hong Kong or not. Because as long as you run a business, you absolutely need to hire one.

Check out this nice infographic made by Hootsuite.

The hardest part is to choose which one of those digital marketing agencies you should work with. Right now, it’s quite easy to build a website and start offering digital marketing services. Almost anyone can do it.

So it’s actually quite tricky when it comes to select a digital marketing company to trust your campaign. This article will help you to make a reliable and profitable decision in order to choose the best digital marketing agency in Hong Kong that suits you.

Define What the Marketing Objectives Are

Although it contains 2 words, the term “digital marketing” is actually pretty vast. If you wanna succeed in every field of digital marketing, you will need a huge amount of efforts and budgets.

To make it achievable one at a time, you need to define precisely what is your marketing campaign objective. The best way to know what you actually need for your digital marketing campaign is by answering some questions as follows.


If not then you need this service

Do you have a website

Web Development,

Web Design,

Selling products or services online?

E-commerce web,

Landing Page Development


Do you want more traffic?

Search Engine Optimization,

Search Engine Marketing,

Social Media Advertising

Do you have a popular and steady channel in blog, youtube or social media?

Social Media Management

Social Media Advertising

Content Creation

Do you have funnels?



Email marketing

Do you want to increase conversion?

Landing Page Development


The questions could vary, be different and expanded, depending on how specific you can define your marketing objective. Right after you know what service you really need in the digital marketing fields, you can start looking for a digital agency.

This part below will give you an insight of what you are looking for from any digital marketing agency in Hong Kong.

How is Their Web Design

It may be superficial, but the best digital agency should not have an average standard website. The website should be fast, well designed, and easy to navigate.

Because those are the minimum requirements that will satisfy the user experience. And they can’t make their website good, what else could you expect from them?

So it’s not about judging the book by it’s cover. It is about selecting the best from average services.

Have Good Their Portfolios Are

If someone claims something, the best way to validate their claim is by asking them for some proof. Even if the agency is as big as SMEBRO or WILD digital marketing agency, when it comes to digital marketing, it must be a portfolio.

Ask the media agency Hong Kong what company did they serve and how are the campaign records. Ask the design agency Hongkong what their designs look like in the past projects.

Moreover, if it’s an SEO Hong Kong agency, you just need to check how good their website performs in SEO. Just head to some SEO website checker such as MOZ or SEMRUSH and do some digging. Put the website in the analysis column, press [ENTER] and see what the result is.

The best digital agency should have a minimum domain authority score not be less than 50-60.

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Experienced Team Members

When it comes to a digital marketing agency, the most important resource is the human inside. So look for the members professional data and portfolios.

You can check their account if they have registered on any website for professionals such as LinkedIn, etc. Or, if they have a blog or channel, you could also take a walk into their blog and look for how much they know about their job.

In fact, experience and portfolios are the best factors to consider before hiring a digital marketing company.

Social Proof

The list of portfolios is good, but if you can find out what they’re thinking about the service, it will be so much better. It will give a strong and clear reason why you should use the services.

You could also see what the digital marketing strong points are and how it will help your business to grow and your profit to double.

Dedicated Support

The digital marketing world is somehow filled with technical issues that you  probably don’t really know. So it’s better to have a dedicated and reliable support beside you.

Because it’s your business, of course you must know what marketing strategy they will do and why they do that. How can you even trust some people your money when you know nothing about it?

So a support that is humble, easy to reach, and dedicated must be one of your important considerations to pick a lore Hong Kong agency.

5 Reasons Why Work With an Agency

You may ask why we should work with them? Can we just do all of it all by ourselves?

Here is the minimum list why you better use a digital marketing agency if you really want your business to succeed.

It Let You Do More Strategic Step

A businessman should not be stuck in technical things instead of creating strategy to win in the  business field.

By using a digital marketing agency, you could use or time doing some strategic issues about your company.

The Best Result Comes from The Best Expert

Why do you need to handle all on your own with average outcome, when you could use some experts to get maximum results?

Fast Progress, Low Cost and High Result

The agency should have done thousands of hours working in their job. It’s clear that they have developed some effective and efficient strategies.

Why should you do trials and errors which will cost you so much when you could just use other people’s knowledge and experience?

They Have Tools

Every field has a different environment, so it also needs different tools. By using a digital agency, you don’t need to pay any tools and waste any of your time studying how to use it.

They Give Measurable Results

Report is the important thing you must have to know whether your marketing campaign is effective or not. A good agency will give you a comprehensive and easy to understand report. It will also be measurable so you could know how you’ll get the ROI (Return of Investment) and the profit.


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Using a digital marketing agency is the fastest and cheapest way to win in business rather than do the things all alone. Before you start using some digital marketing services, you still need to do some digging about the agency.

The best digital marketing agency Hong Kong will have an excellent web, good portfolios and social proof, experienced teams, and dedicated support. Just go to their website and ask some questions.