Best Project Management Tools & Software in 2023

Best Project Management Tools & Software in 2023

Project management is one of the essential things for an organization, because it helps every part of the business run according to plan effectively and efficiently. If project management is done correctly, each objective will be fulfilled, deliver on time, and on the right budget. But how to do project management properly? You can use project management tools.

Not all companies know about the existence of special tools designed to meet unique company needs and according to preferences. Let's go into detail about the tools in 2023 that you can use for project management.

What are project management tools?

Tools with a set of software to help project teams to plan, track, and manage projects and achieving the defined project, and ensure certain constraints such as budget, time, and quality are as desired. The tools have key solutions for some of the main managing project challenges, such as time-consuming and lead to errors.

There are many choices of software or tools that companies can choose by either purchasing or using it for free online. Each tool and software has its own features and uniqueness, so companies must be observant in adjusting to the needs of their projects.

Are project management software or tools important?

Yes, because project management tools and software will empower users to focus on work and streamline communication with the team to get the project done on time. There are many other benefits that you can get, such as effective task delegation, easier file access and sharing, improved planning and scheduling, effective risk mitigation, and excellent budget management.

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But remember, not all software or tools have the same features. You have to see what you can get in the software or tools you use, and whether it fits your needs. Sometimes free tools or free software only provide limited features, such as storage or working procedures. You need to pay to get full access and more storage.

We will distinguish several tools based on their performance, namely tools for managing multiple projects and tools with time tracking.

Project management tools for managing multiple projects

project management tools

This is probably the most usable tools you can find, because every aspect of project management is available here. Starting from planning to tracking progress in a user-friendly and visually pleasing manner. presents you tools with an attractive interface, complete work organization tools, and easy to use.

If most of project management platforms only have one or two mainstay things, but not for, because all aspects of your work are available with dozens of integrations and automations.

  1. ClickUp

ClickUp is a collaborative productivity platform that builds for teams, because it brings everyone together with visibility, context and clear priorities. This is a great collaboration tool for companies that want more productivity while saving time to complete projects flawlessly.

Some of the features you can use in ClickUp are Data-driven dashboards to track progress with real-time reporting, advanced automations for team's workflows, collaborative docs for teams to stay aligned from strategy to implementation, and customizable tasks to breakdown projects up to several actionable items .

  1. Teamwork

Teamwork includes an enterprise project management platform that can manage client work, including time tracking, invoicing, up to unlimited client access. It's a comprehensive platform that gives you reports about what you need to maximize in resources and not wasting time.

The main feature of Teamwork is All-in-one management, with one place for everything about projects, freelancers, clients, and teams. This tool can track every detail by breaking projects into tasks, and tasks into subtasks, so that no employee misses it. It also has integrated chat with colleagues and clients in real time, without having to replace it on other platforms which take longer.

  1. Paymo

Paymo is a suitable tool for project transparency to collaborate effectively between you as the project implementer, with contributors and stakeholders. Paymo has project management features such as client communication and invoicing, as well as details on team tasks and schedules. It's a centralized project management for those of you who like to keep track of everything.

Paymo has features, including task budgets with appropriate hour levels, tracking projects with start and finish times, alerts for milestones, and sorting tasks for deadlines and priority for any projects.

Project management tools with time tracking

Time tracking is needed by users to visualize time spent on projects and every task. This enhances long-term strategic planning and saves on billing for more effective performance.

  1. Wrike

Write is suitable for project management because it's easy to use, great for collaboration and communication. Features from Wrike, including dynamic request forms, custom workflows, dashboards with clear pictures of work, proof tools for soliciting and feedback, and comprehensive templates for those of you who want to launch any kind of project.

  1. Mavenlink

Mavenlink helps project management to bring people together. The separate teams do unified project work without having to use redundant team communication tools. Mavenlink uses CRM integration features to keep your work running smoothly, complemented by resource management for planning projects to be more detailed and organized.

You can see the task progress to make it easy to check how far the project is running, and how healthy the project is running. There are collaboration features to keep everyone in touch, and business intelligence features to help you make decisions using data leverage. You can try Mavenlink with a free trial period, then you can see how many plans per month at an affordable cost.

  1. Nutcache

Nutcache is a tool that focuses on teamwork. The model is specifically designed for how teams work together and helps teams to work together efficiently. Nutcache focuses on enhancing collaboration with the goal that every project must always be successful with good teamwork.

Nutcache has features, like a visual board to manage tasks and track projects, alerts to remind the team about deadlines, billing features, and project progress with flow diagrams.

  1. GanttPro

The tool that uses classic Gantt chats as the foundation for work strategies. GanttPro focuses on project management that let the team view everything. Teams can track changes, deadline updates, view comments, etc. Teams always know how far the project is going, and what the situation is.

The features of GanttPro are templates that are user-friendly and make planning a project easier, cloud format for team members who can check in anywhere and anytime, real-time comments to reduce team meetings and more communication, sharing features to make communication easier with clients and what you want, as well as workload features for balancing the assignment distribution.


Have you found which tools or software are best for your project management? Immediately check the software and tools that are suitable for your project, and see what features are offered, from the trial period to the premium features.



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