Why Your Business Absolutely Needs Search Engine Optimization

Why Your Business Absolutely Needs Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a long-term strategy for a permanent result. It's not an instant result or one-hit-wonder like paid traffic (advertisement and so on), yet it might take months or years to build a website with a big reputation. 
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SEO (search engine optimization) is a marketing strategy for internet business to optimize and improve your website to be on the top page on search engines such as Google or Bing. Using SEO techniques means you need to maintain the website to understand the search engine optimization algorithm and how the website is gonna keep increasing its traffic from the relevant searches. 

SEO focuses on how you provide and publish well-written and incredible articles or contents using high value keywords. SEO is the most used technique to boost visitors. Continuous optimization will allow the search engine to measure if your website is valuable enough to have high rankings. Indeed, there are many reasons why your business absolutely needs search engine optimization. 

1. Builds Trust and Credibility

In today's world, everybody surfs on the internet to find verified information from websites and social media. The audience will likely only click on contents from professional websites, so you need to create a trustable website with credibility to get more visitors. 

Indeed, one of the functions of SEO is to build a great cornerstone of credibility for the website. For instance, if you have a platform that focuses on gaming niche then you must be the god-gaming-website to lead all gamers communities to use your platform. How to do that? SEO is the answer! 

First, you must do SEO on Page strategy which means you optimize all the contents on your website page based on keywords from high volume search that you can find on keywords search tools such as KeywordsToolsIo, Keyword Surfer, WhatsMySERP, and more. You can also find the valuable, targeted, and most searched keywords from Google related search. Then, you write those articles and contents by the criterias. 

Second, you can do SEO off Page strategy which means you put a backlink of your site to another website that is bigger than yours and is verified. That's how you gonna get exposure from audiences who visit your website and think that this is a trusted and credible website to always check up. Thus, it might take a long time to build a powerful website and business but 75% of users don’t even scroll past the first page of the SERPs, so you gotta keep going. 

2. SEO Impacts the Buying Cycle

The second reason why your business absolutely needs search engine optimization is giving positive impact for the customer behavior. SEO is also a great marketing tool to boost your online business. Using SEO technique will influence the audience's buying cycle and behavior. You could simply write an article with the right and relevant keywords so your targeted customer will check on the page and consider to buy your products, deals, and effectively increase the sales. 

For instance, if you wanna sell shoes on your website then you must publish so many articles using the 'shoes' keywords. You don't need to always directly sell your shoes but better use the related high volume keywords of 'shoe' such as "what shoe to wear with jeans." At the end, you can tell the audience that you sell those pairs of shoes to wear with jeans. That's the SEO strategies for small businesses.

3. SEO Is Relatively Cheap

Are you asking about the search engine optimization budget? The answer is it's relatively cheap. SEO is the only marketing tool that costs you less. It's called organic traffic, which means they click on your website naturally from the origin search engine. Based on data, over 40 percent of revenue is captured by organic traffic.

You don't really need to place advertisements on another platform to boost your website (paid traffic) if your page is already on the top one on Google search cause you keep up with a search engine optimization strategy. You just need to consult with SEO master to learn about small business seo checklists, such as how to find potential keywords, how to write better, how to use internal links, backlinks, targeted audience, and more. 

4. SEO Helps You Gain Market Share

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The Internet world is incredibly crazy. It allows you to gain your audiences as well as market share unlimitedly. Here are some tips about search engine optimization for business: 

  • Increase the engagement with customers or audiences online. First and foremost, publish daily contents or posts based on SEO rules. Then, you need also optimize your old contents for your new targeted business plan. You could also catch up with your audience using supporting platforms such as social media, news letter, email, or comment section on the web page. 
  • Build a referral program to get more viewers, which means to target visitors that clicks on your website from another platform such as social media, tracking code, email, partnership, and more. 
  • Branding is the key. Create unique and unforgettable logos, taglines, and products. If everything about your website stands out, people will remember it and visit your website when they need something you offer.
  • Optimized websites earn more traffic so it will improve your website's ranking. As a result, you get more potential visitors or customers. 
  • You can use specific targets for your website with SEO tools. Let's say you wanna grow visitors in one city then you can use a specific and relevant keyword to attract them. 

The reasons why your business absolutely needs search engine optimization is to help you grow the market share. Based on data, at least 62% customers search about products first on search engines like Google before they buy it. That is your chance to lead them to buy products or visit from your site. 

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5. It’s A Long-Term Strategy

SEO is a long-term strategy for a permanent result. It's not an instant result or one-hit-wonder like paid traffic (advertisement and so on), yet it might take months or years to build a website with a big reputation. 

When you are placing SEM (search engine marketing), you can get many visitors so fast but it only lasts as long as the ads are placed. When your ads are off, the visitors will go away too. 

Otherwise, using SEO means you are on a long-term optimization, acceleration, and effort for your site. For example, today you write the keywords "what shoe to wear with jeans" then years by now there are always people who want to know about what shoe to wear with jeans, and your content is still there explained it.

Yet, you need to always revise the content, make it brand new, add more items, and keep updating it. As the SEO campaign is also constantly evolving and changing, you need to keep focus to maintain your website to have a higher number of visitors and it's effective for the future business. 

Well, now you know why your business absolutely needs search engine optimization. The purposes of SEO are to build trust and credibility of a website, improve market share, add good impact for the buying cycle, and it's relatively cheap.