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12 Company Outing Ideas For Team Bonding

Sometimes going through the work day just for work will feel boring for every employee. A company must think of a way for employees to step away from their desks and enjoy the time with their team, from co-workers they usually chat with to someone they don't usually work with. To get strong and collaborative teams, a company must think about company outing ideas. This article will explain the importance of company outings, and what can be done to increase employee teamwork and collaboration rates.

What are company outings?

A company outing is an activity for employees to get together and have relaxing moments after working hours. Company outings improve team performance, motivate employees, and foster relationships between coworkers. It doesn't have to be a big event, because a simple outing can have a good effect on team bonding.

How do you organize a company outing?

The company outing ideas require perfect planning. Organize your company outings by paying attention to the following things:

  1. Budget

First check how much budget you have, and how much money you are willing to spend. Your financial resources will determine the menu and activities during the company outing.

  1. Check the participants

List how many participants there are. Determine how many men and women, what activities are suitable for your office, whether they can invite their family together on a company outing.

  1. Choose the date

Choose a date where there are no deadlines, the weather is good, and the right day for employees to bring their families. Thursday and Friday are the right days because it is close to the weekend, and it is likely that employees' work will be finished at the beginning of the week.

  1. Plan enjoyable activities

Interacting with team members through various activities is a great company outing idea. You can personally plan the activities by adjusting the venue or place outside to make a company outing fun, interactive and challenging.

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A nice and comfortable place will be a place to refresh employees, motivate employees and boost their morale.

12 company outing ideas for workplace bonding

We understand that company outing ideas can enhance connections and friendships, boost teamwork, and create lasting memories. Let's get started with some ideas, easy to plan, and bring your team to do something together besides the annual company party.

  1. Host a mini conference

Create a fun learning event by renting a small conference hall and inviting guest speakers to share their knowledge that is relevant to your business. This outing focuses on learning events together with team members, but in a fun and exciting way. Don't forget to hold an icebreaker involving team members to make the outing more fun.

  1. Ziplining

Ziplines are an adrenaline-inducing activity and a fun thing to do in recent years, but there are still many people who don't want to try it. Encourage all employees to try ziplines to see the stunning views from above, and feel the adrenaline rush when playing this ride.

  1. Yoga retreat

Yoga includes exercise plus relaxation. A good thing about this activity is doing the yoga flow sequence in perfect unison, while providing time for each employee to communicate more. You can do a yoga retreat with the team once a month or even more, to encourage each team member who wants their body to be fit and stay focused while working.

  1. A cooking class

Doing things with colleagues outside of work is fun. A cooking class can be an interesting company outing because all employees can benefit from the new menu they learn, learn to cook with a team, and develop a fresh perspective on what it would be like to cook with other people in the same kitchen. Learning new things in the culinary field is free and creative. Team members will get short-term benefits in the form of a good menu and delicious food, and long-term benefits for enhanced collaboration.

  1. Take a group photography

A company outing can be unforgettable if it gives employees the opportunity to take home something memorable, such as a photo album. A group photography will provide exciting moments with the team to style together in one frame, using existing props to dress up as cute and unique as possible.

company outing ideas

Make a photo album with a collection of group, individual and higher-ups photos. Make the photo album more interesting by filling in quotes or favorite words for each employee, like the graduate photo album concept.

  1. Play sports at a local park

Going to the park with the team can be fun, especially if you are doing sports together with team members. You can play ball together, while several other friends are doing a little picnic while breathing fresh air at the local park. Sometimes a company outing doesn't have to go to a fancy and expensive place, but being with the team while doing something together will give a special impression.

  1. Take a farm tour

If your office is in an urban area, you can invite your team to go on a farm tour. It gives employees an outstanding lesson about how the food they have been eating comes from. Bring along some games and a picnic at the farmyard to do team bonding, and learn about the farm itself. Every team member will remember this outstanding place, live stocks, and the relevance of several team members who are afraid of something on the farm.

  1. Go on a hike

Hiking will be an organic company outing idea that never gets boring. The bonding will form automatically when hiking, because each team member will have a moment to help each other climb, prepare food, or encourage each other to reach the destination. The place for hiking doesn't need to be far from the city, but try to accommodate the coming and going of all members, so that you and your team can focus more on hiking in a fun way without having to think about other things.

  1. Attend a comedy show

Sometimes, being in the office long enough will provide enough tension and stress. Invite all team members to a comedy show, and enjoy the jokes from the host to make them full of laughter and re-energized. You can bring the whole team to a comedy show on a certain date, or you can invite a comedian directly to the office and bring the joy while giving employees time to interact with that famous comedian.

  1. Play a game of capture the flag

Playing a team game is a fun thing to do during a company outing. Capture the flag encourages teams to create strategies, conduct fair competitions, and how to win matches with a group. The game will provide unforgettable moments, as well as exercise for every employee who has not had time to exercise. Let the team laugh while playing games, see the funny actions of team members who want to contribute to their team, and how happy they are when their group wins.

  1. Go on a coffee tasting

If every team member likes coffee, then you can go on a coffee journey with the concept of trying several types of coffee in several different places. Chatting while enjoying coffee is something that is enjoyable for everyone. Make it more interesting by telling each employee not to chat about work matters, but to give them time to get to know each other while sipping their favorite coffee.

  1. Take a public speaking class

Not all employees have the confidence to do public speaking. By taking a public speaking class during a company outing, you give every employee the opportunity to engage in the act of public speaking. Every employee will appreciate the new skills and special encouragement that will be useful for them in the future.

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Doing fun activities with colleagues will be a mood booster, stress reliever, while fostering employee's relationships. Choose an outing company that suits your budget, and get long-term benefits when you provide unforgettable moments for them. That's all about company outing from SMEBrother. If you want other information about advancing business, check the SMEBrother site and get complete information about finance, leadership, licensing, and other skills to advance any scale of business.