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14 Proven Morale Boosters Ideas for Employees and Staff

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Did you know that there are many benefits you can get when your employees have high morale and motivation? Most business owners focus more on other things, because they think high morale is not something critical for business. Even though many companies are still skeptical about the value of high morale, we need to know what the benefits are of employees with high morale and the value of morale boosters. We have summarized the best list of moral boosting activities and employee engagement ideas for the progress of your business.

How do you keep staff morale high and motivate?

It all goes to employee engagement. Employees have low morale and high turnover when they do not feel valued, feel pressured, and are uncomfortable with the work environment. You must know how to engage with employees, never tire of motivating them, and give employees time to share their difficulties. The more open you are with your employees, the more you will understand what employees need, and vice versa.

Why is Employee Engagement Important? Here's The Reasons Why

What improves employee morale and productivity?

There are many factors that can improve employee morale and productivity. Employee morale is something that people feel individually and collectively. Some of these factors are leadership, communication, recognition, and work life integration. First, it's about leadership. Employees can work comfortably and more productively if their leaders give clear directions, don't judge them if they make mistakes, can place each employee according to their skills, and guide the employees if they still don't match what they want.

Morale Boosters

Second, it's about communication. Employees who can communicate with their coworkers and leaders will enjoy their workplace more because they feel open to each other, respect each other, and understand what other people are saying. Third, recognition is needed to make employees feel valued and more enthusiastic about improving their performance. Employees whose hard work is never seen do not have a good reason to work productively or achieve goals.

Lastly, is work life integration. Employees must be able to feel balance between their lives at work and at home. Don't put too much pressure on employees at work until they spend less time living at home. Because work and life at home must be balanced, so that employees can find peace in both different places.

14 morale boosters ideas for employees and staff

After knowing how important the value of morale boosters is, we will give examples of the best morale boosting activities that are suitable for your employees and staff.

  1. Express gratitude

Gratitude can improve many things such as psychological health, sleep, and lifts mood. But the challenge for companies is how to integrate gratitude to their employees? As a leader, don't be shy about conveying the good performance of your employees. Convey employees' hard work or achievements during meetings, or at the beginning of each week. You can express gratitude personally or in front of the team. Plan events to celebrate a good work with the team after completing a big project, or in the middle of the year. Sometimes an entire team deserves good things from their great contribution to the company.

  1. Learn from mistakes

Invite the team to have a special time to discuss what failures occurred each week, and what they learned from it. The point is not to call out mistakes, but to understand what is the reference for employees when they make mistakes, and that is a learning process and share how to overcome them. With this activity, employees can feel calm even if they make mistakes, have a healthy relationship with failure, because it's ok to fail and provide employees with opportunities for growth and learning.

  1. Provide healthy office snacks

Healthy foods can improve employees' morale, because apart from maintaining employee health, mood, spirits and productivity can increase drastically. Preparing healthy office snacks shows that you care about your employees, and you believe that healthy food options from the office can be fuel for employees to work at peak performance.

  1. Playing instrumental music

Music is one thing that can set the mood, and is a fun way to improve morale in the office. Choose instrumental music, because lyrics can tend to distract. With the right choice of music, it makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable, increases creativity, and improves focus. You don't need to use loud speakers, just a volume that everyone can enjoy quietly.

  1. Green space at the office

Studies have shown that green space can reduce stress and improve mental health. Place several green plants in small pots on several office tables, or in the office yard and assign employees to care for these plants as a joint task. Giving employees the task of watering the plants every day will reduce absenteeism, and help them manage their time so they don't forget to do it before they work. Provide incentives or awards for employees who have the biggest bloom, greenest thumb, or most beautiful specimen.

  1. Personal development

Every employee wants to have the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge in the workplace. It's very common to find employees whose morale declines because they feel there's no room for growth. Give employees opportunities to get personal development, such as taking them to seminars, courses, leadership training, and other development topics. Ask each employee about their individual development plans, and track their records at each meeting to keep them on track towards professional goals.

  1. Finishing a book

Prepare books about increasing skills, leadership, work ethics, or anything that can improve employees' productivity and skills. Give employees special time to read the book collection in the office, and ask them to summarize several important points after the reading time is up.

Creating a habit of reading books is a positive thing, because it gives every employee the opportunity to have special time to learn new things, especially for everyone who feels they don't have time for that.

  1. Group fitness

Group fitness is a bonding experience while improving employees' overall health and fitness. Exercise can improve mood and cognition. Gathering of employees in group fitness will strengthen personal relationships, doing something fun together outside of work. You don't need to hire a coach, just watch videos on YouTube and do exercises together. Be consistent, do it once a week and see the many benefits you will get.

  1. Compliment coworkers

Create a special session and gather all employees. Let them sit around, and set the rules. Each employee should appoint one coworker, and compliment them about their strengths, or things they can learn from them. Do this alternately until all employees get the compliment. This activity builds up morale and respect for each employee, and increases each employee's self-confidence.

  1. Monday morning coffee

Most of workers will say Mondays are a tough day. No matter how much you love your job, the weekends will never be enough. That's why set the first day of the week with Monday morning coffee. Get the team out of the office in a relaxed atmosphere and have a coffee together. Have a directed conversation with employees, and ensure team members can follow up on any conversation.

  1. Idea of the week

Employees will feel happy if their ideas are heard. Choose one time each week for employees to share their ideas. Choose the best idea for the company's progress, new ideas about projects, saving office costs, or anything that can bring benefits to the office.

  1. Celebrate work anniversaries

Celebrate the day by throwing a party at the office, while holding an awards event for employees. Choose several categories such as best employee, funniest employee, most dedicated employee, etc. Create several events for team bonding on that day, and focus on employees to express your gratitude for having them in your office.

  1. Celebrate significant milestones

Employees need a significant amount of time to achieve company milestones, and you as manager or CEO have the right to celebrate their success. Invite your employees to lunch or dinner, while complimenting them on their good work. Motivate them to maintain good performances.

  1. Create a wow wall

Prepare a special wall to remember things that employees can remember and have a positive impact on the office. Pin positive client feedback, pictures together with employees outside the office, completed projects, and positive affirmations. Every employee who sees the wow wall will be more enthusiastic about achieving another milestone, because they believe their office recognizes their hard work.

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Morale boosters are something that many business people don't consider important, but can bring many benefits to the office. Start boosting employee's morale with the methods above, and see what benefits you can feel when you have high morale employees. If you want to get tips for progressing your business, visit the SMEbrother site and get information about licensing, finance, and tips for growing your business to the next level.