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15 Best Management Games to Play at Work

Elevate Team Performance with Fun and Effective Management Games

Boost teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills through engaging management games. From 'Time Squared' to 'Back-to-Back Drawing,' these activities foster collaboration, creativity, and efficiency. Discover the top management games to enhance your team's abilities and promote a positive work environment. Explore for more insights on team improvement and skill development, helping your business thrive and overcome challenges.

Team management requires activities that can improve team skills, such as time management, how to collaborate or enhance individual skills to be better for the team. Team performance can be a reference for business progress and the smooth running of any work to be carried out. One form of activity that can improve team performance is management games. With the many benefits of management games, you need to choose the best management games to improve your team performance at work.

What is meant by management games?

Management games are a collection of activities to show participants how to work together as a team, improve the skills of each individual, and raise the morale of team members to become important roles in the organization's success.

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Management games will help team members to learn interactively, foster initiative, and familiarize each individual to solve problems as a team. Each activity has key learning points that can be applied at a workplace.

Why do people like management games?

People like management games because they can relieve stress at the office, as the right time to have fun with colleagues, and enjoy every game that is done inside or outside the office.

Management games are a fun way to learn something new about how to work as a team, and form positive habits that can be used as daily routines. The best management games have activities that can teach us how to be more productive at work and get overall skills improvement.

Management games will be focused on creating and optimizing a network. Every challenge from game activities will foster a sense of responsibility for each team to be more creative, collaborative, and trust each other.

Are management games good for the team?

Management Games

The best management games are not only beneficial for the team, but also for every individual. Every skill gained from game activities can improve the skills of managers and employees. The objective is to manage tasks correctly and have a good time management. Every improvement by employees will keep the operations running smoothly.

Best management games to play at work

We will provide a list of the best management games that can improve team skills, such as time management, communication, problem-solving, and following instructions. Let's take a look for the lists:

  1. Time Squared

Print out three pages, divide into 24 squares for each team member. Tell team members that each square represents one hour of the day. Handing out the first page, ask the employees to fill it with activities outside of work, such as 8 hours to sleep, 1 hour to eat, 2 hours to rest. Then hand out the second page to fill it with hte non-working time, such as chatting, playing games, coffee breaks, watching movies, etc.

Finally, ask team members to combine content from the first and the second pages to the third page. Team members can differentiate by color until the information is full. Tell the team that the empty squares are productive team.

This activity will allow every participant to review their time and what they need to change to manage their time better.

  1. What I did at work yesterday

This game requires every team member to create two lists. The first list, team members will write a few things what they did at work yesterday. The second list, players will write anything that can be improved from their next work performance. Submit to managers, and review the answers by comparing both lists, and try to create good connections with them. You can choose one of the best lists to conclude how you can manage time, tasks and works.

  1. Imagine spending $86,400 in one day

Each team member wrote on a piece of paper how they spent $86,400 within a day. The rule is the leftover money will be lost, so every team member needs to think about how they will spend the money.

Discuss the answers, and reveal what the real intent of this game is. The money represents the time we have each day with 86,400 seconds, and we cannot get them back after it is over. This game will teach employees to schedule their day and how to manage their time better. After understanding the meaning of the game, instruct each team member to fix their 86,400 with their better plan for their day.

  1. The blind polygon

Each leader will become the group's coordinator in this management game. The rest of the team will blindfold, and stand in a line with receiving a rope. Team members are required to arrange themselves to make a certain shape. The shape that will be formed will be directed by the leader. The leader will manage the team, and team members must coordinate with each other. This game is great for honing manager skills to manage, direct, and guides their team to work together.

  1. Situations

This management game can be done anytime and anywhere, without the need for material other than what is already in your office. One member will be asked to step up to oversee the game, and need to provide other participants with different scenarios. You can create the scenarios in such a way that problems might exist in the office, such as:

- Clients criticize your work, and want revisions. What would you do?

- You forgot there is a deadline for the task by tonight. How can the manager manage the team to work together to finish at the last minute?

- There are team members who are never on time in doing their work. How do you make him realize their mistake without affecting other employees?

  1. Story sequence

Divide the team until the numbers are equal. Each team chooses one person in front and behind to present information. Information from behind must match up to the front, then reverse the position of the line, so that initially the one at the front becomes the last. Repeat the process of conveying information from the last one. The team with the most points is the winner.

Each team can take turns in choosing who conveys information. This game teaches each team that they must be precise in conveying important information in projects or anything for the benefit of the team.

  1. Escape rooms

This is the best game to unite the team. You can choose between a physical or virtual escape room for your team. Escape rooms made by professionals will give you the best experience possible. Each team member will be useful in finding clues and items to unlock doors or cabinets. Once a team can pass from one room, you can go to the next one, and must complete several other rooms until they all come to the end. This game is very engaging and improving problem-solving skills for every team member.

  1. How people sees me

This game is devoted to knowing what other people think about yourself. Each team member will be given some small pieces of paper. Each small piece of paper represents coworkers and their names. Each team member will write down the strengths and weaknesses of each name they write. But the rule is that the number of weaknesses cannot be more than the strengths.

When finished, collect all the paper according to the name written. Give the paper according to the employee's name as a lesson for them what must be maintained and what must be improved.

This game teaches team members not only to find the weaknesses of their co-workers, but also to see the strengths that their co-workers have.

  1. Swift swap

Divide the participants into two teams for this game. The first team must examine the room in detail about the layout of all the items in the room. After the first team finished, the second team entered the room to change some of the things in the surroundings. The first team will turn back and figure out what has changed from the room.

Give a time limit for each team to change the layout or guess what has changed from the room and return to its origin. This game is good for team members because they have to stay alert about the progress and condition of their team.

  1. Morning coffee

This is an icebreaker activity that is suitable for teams with few members. You can make a morning coffee session for 4 to 6 people. Every participant spend their 10 minutes having coffee and chatting with their team. When the time is up, the participants will change places to chat with other peers. This process will be repeated until every team member has spoken to all group members. The function of this game is to build strong relationships with other coworkers.

  1. The minefield

This management game requires a large area. Prepare the area using tapes for the active area of the game. Ensure to mark start and ending points. Place five to seven objects at a distance from one another. Choose one of the items that act as 'mines'. Divide the group, the few members will be inside the area, and the rest will be outside. People inside will put on blindfolds, and people outside will act as their guides. The participants inside must take all the objects and each the finish line while avoiding the mines.

  1. Promote this item

Collect random items from the office, and divide the team into 3-4 people per group. Each group picks 2 random things, and they are given 10 minutes to think about how to promote the items they picked to the jury. The judges are managers, and each group is given 10 minutes to promote the item to the judges. The group with the items that the judges managed to buy is the winner. This game is useful for team members on how they discuss in a short time, while bringing out each other's creative thoughts.

  1. Which objects are the best

Take multiple sets of objects of the same type. Write a scenario for each set focusing on which is the perfect item in terms of preference. While none of the objects are perfect, because each set has qualities that reflect the perfect list. Each group is instructed to order the set which are the best fit to worst fit. The key of this game is an exercise for the team on how to break down a problem and figure out what is the best way to solve the problem. Groups can also determine which solutions are the best fit.

  1. Frostbite

Make a scenario for the team that they are lost in the snowy area. Choose a team member to be the leader and suffer from frostbite, while other members have snow blindness. The leader guides their team to build a shelter by simply giving instructions. The shelter is a tent. The blindfolded participants will set up the tent according to the leader's instructions. Repeat the activity with different groups until you find the winner.

  1. Back-to-back drawing

Make a scenario for the team that they are lost in the snowy area. Choose a team member to be the leader and suffer from frostbite, while other members have snow blindness. The leader guides their team to build a shelter by simply giving instructions. The shelter is a tent. The blindfolded participants will set up the tent according to the leader's instructions. Repeat the activity with different groups until you find the winner.

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Have you found management games that are suitable for your team? Management games for teams are necessary to improve performance and productivity at the workplace. Besides being useful for team bonding, each management game can be used to improve individual skills. These activities focus on improving employees for their time and team management, and also leadership.

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