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Here are 5 Instagram Marketing Tips For Beginners

Here are 5 Instagram Marketing Tips For Beginners

Instagram has become one of the most powerful marketing tools right now. With 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram marketing is the right choice to engage with your audiences.

Part of Facebook, this social network also has great tools to target the customers you want. According to Hootsuite, more than 25 million companies worldwide are using Instagram to reach their customers.

Here are 5 tips to help grow your business on Instagram.

Switch to Instagram Business Profile

The first step is to switch your personal account to a business profile. Go to Setting and click on “Switch to Business Profile”.

Instagram Business profile gives you data analytic such as reach, impression, and demographic to understand your audiences.

Create Ads

Instagram gives you a great space to show off your product with photos or videos. Optimize your content with Instagram Ads. You can targeting people all around the world based on their interest, demographic, and more.

Set clear key goals and choose the right metrics. Most people advertise without definite goals so they spend money in vain.

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Partner with influencers

Collaborating with influencers has some benefits such as reaching new users, increasing brand credibility, and sales. According to Forbes, “Influencer marketing in 2020 will likely continue to trend”.

Find the influencer that has an audience that is relevant to your product. So you can get new  potential buyers.

Use hashtags

Whatever industry you’re in, hashtags are so important. Use hashtags that people might be searching for. You can use hashtag generators to find the most searchable hashtag that is relevant to your business.

Here are some hashtag generators you can use.

  • Ingramer.com 
  • All-hashtag.com
  • https://instavast.com
  • https://kicksta.co

Maximize Instagram Bio

Instagram allows you to put a single link on bio but you can optimize with tools like Linktree. Linktree is a free tool that allows you to create a multi link landing page of your product.

Linktree Alternatives

  • Lynx
  • ContactInBio
  • Campsite.Bio