Why you should hire outsource customer services for your SME

Why you should hire outsource customer services for your SME

Outsource customer service would be a solution for your SME. To clarify, SME in Hong Kong means an enterprise with not more than one hundred employees in it. Thus, the customer service role is important to look by. Especially if your product growth is growing fast.

Customer service is the frontline of your business. They will be the face of your SME. Similarly, it is like a receptionist in the hotel. Therefore, you should hire them since you must grow or defend your reputation.

You can recruit customer services via an online job board, a referral from your employee or friend, or outsource company (third party). Outsourcing is when you recruit workers from a third party (outsource company). They will provide what you need at your request. For instance, if you request a programmer. Therefore, they will give you options to choose from. It’s your decision to choose what is the best outsource worker that would fit your SME’s target and culture.

Recruiting workers are hard to do since it must fit not only your goal and vision but also your SME’s culture. This article will explain why you should hire outsource customer services for your SME!

Why you must hire customer services

outsource customer services

1. The bridge between management and customers

Customer services will handle and get complaints from customers. Therefore, they are the bridge between management and customers.

2. The face of your SME

Customer services will be the face of your SME because they will be the first ones to meet customers. Therefore, how they treat a customer will be your SME’s reputation. One bad treatment and your SME’s reputation will decrease. On the other hand, if you have good customer service. Your SME will have a repeat order and loyalty from customers.

3. Know your weaknesses

Because customer services handle complaints in their job. You will know what are weaknesses inside your product or business which is important if you want your business to grow.

4. Problem-solving method

Good communication is the key to problem-solving. Good customer service can solve customers' problems if they are not trained enough to use the product. Especially if your implementation specialist has a poor result on his/her job.

5. Increase sales and retention

Customer services can increase your sales and retention because if someone is comfortable with services. They might come again, again, and again! Therefore, it is a better way than hiring more salespeople.

What are the criteria for the best customer service?

1. Big patience

Because of customer handle complaints of customers. Additionally, not to mention if a customer says a rude or bad word to them. Therefore, the best customer service needs big patience to handle it.

2. Fast learner

Customer services must know the inside-out of an SME. Thus, customer services must be a fast learner to learn all of SME’s products, services, etc.

3. Remain calm under pressures

outsource customer services

Some customers are not friendly. In other words, rude. The best customer service must remain calm under pressure to give the best service such as when an angry customer pressures him/her about a bad experience when he/she uses a product from your SME.

4. Problem-solving mindset

If there are problems, then there are solutions. It is a customer service role to solve the problem of customers if it is necessary without any help from other divisions.

5. Excellent communication skill

As a bridge between management and customers. Therefore, excellent communication skill is needed for customer service to prevent miscommunication, effective and efficient problem-solving for customers.

6. Listening skill

This skill is usually forgotten but ironically important. Customer service needs to listen to understand the customer, not just to answer them.

Why you should hire from outsourcing company

This session will explain why hiring from outsourcing company is more beneficial than doing open recruitment.

1. Saves time

We only need to receive applicants to choose from instead of screening a thousand resumes. In conclusion, it saves us time.

2. Cutting cost

It reduces the operational cost since you pay the outsourcing company, and the wage of workers is usually lower.

3. Well trained workers

Because you can choose a specific job to hire from an outsourcing company. Therefore, you don’t take time too much to train them since they have experience.

4. Reduce risks

Well-trained workers mean they know how to do the job with minimal mistakes. So, it reduces the risk for your SME.


To sum up, if you want to grow your SME, recruiting outsource customer services is an important step to take!

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