Do you want to grow the traffic of your SME? Use SEO to get the best result!

Do you want to grow the traffic of your SME? Use SEO to get the best result!

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SEO becomes popular nowadays due to the growth of start-ups and SMEs. Because of Work From Home policy and increasing of unemployment. Therefore, an online store is one of the best solutions to gain money.

It is difficult to run a business in this era because of decreasing buying power of people. In other words, Hong Kong is in deflation condition. 

An SME must do everything to survive and gain a profit in this difficult era. Therefore, you need solutions because everyone in your SME is at stake.

To sum it up, SEO is one of the best solutions to take because people often buy something online rather than offline because if they go out, they are risking themselves getting infected by covid-19.

What is SEO?


SEO means search engine optimization. In other words, how to use a search engine like google to get your website to be at the top of the result or at least on the first page of search engine page results.

This is important because websites get the biggest traffic if it is shown at the top or first page of the search engine result page.

If you think about it, it is logical because who bothers to see the second page of the search engine result page? However, an investigator might do it for his/her job.

Why you should use SEO for your SME

After the explanation. Therefore, you should have guessed why SEO is important for your SME websites? The keyword is traffic!

1. Increases traffic of your website

The top of the result or first page in the search engine result page often gets the most traffic. Traffic is important in the small website because your SME is in the introduction/grow phase if you put it in the product life cycle.

2. Brand

SEO will help your SME to introduce its quality and product if it has an official website or online store. Not only that, it also increases your websites credibility.

3. Most people use search engine

People nowadays search for information that they need via a search engine like google. Therefore, you should use that chance to get the best result for your SME’s website via SEO practice.

4. Your SME’s website will be shown via keywords (simple method)

With a good keyword research, your SME’s website will be shown, thus increasing traffic.

5. Easier to convert to become leads

Organic traffic is easier to convert to become leads than from social media due to people search more specific information on google.

6. Gain more profits and surviving

To sum it up, this method will help your SME to survive in this difficult era. Additionally, it gains more profits in your business.

Main indicators of SEO


Keywords are important in this method. However, it needs more than that. To sum it up, these are the main indicators of SEO.

1. URL’s structure

A good URL structure will give a search engine an easy job to know and look at your website. We recommend using a simple URL. Because, the simpler it is, the friendlier it is to the search engine. For example,

2. Domain’s Security

Just like when people search for a new home. They prefer to look at a secure place rather than a not secured one. The search engine thinks the same way. In other words, it prefers a website that owns SSL (HTTPS) rather than HTTP only.

3. Main idea or content

Your website should have a main idea or content that connects each other. For example, if you build a website that is based on soccer. Your content should be like football players, football matches, football technique, etc.

4. Keywords and search intent

You need to know if your topic is searched by a lot of people or not. Additionally, search intent is also important. People sometimes don’t get the information they need just by typing a keyword in the search engine.

5. Content’s structure

A tidy structure will look friendly to the search engine. Who bothers to read messy writing? If humans don’t want to, so does the search engine!

You must include a good heading and sub-heading, so your content will look tidy and systematic.

6. Title tags and meta description

These will help the search engine to know what is your content fully. Title tags are your content title or heading 1. Meanwhile, a meta tag is a short explanation of your content that is usually explained in the first paragraph.

7. Speed

Search engine prefers fast loading website to slow loading website.

8. Backlink

If someone puts your link in his/her blog, it will increase your rank. Therefore, the search engine will see that your website is more credible.


Your websites definitely needs SEO to compete in this online business era. You should use this chance to gain more traffic, profits and become a successful entrepreneur.

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