Ways to Increase Traffic to A New Website

Ways to Increase Traffic to A New Website

You might be wondering about the fast ways to increase traffic to a new website. Don’t be upset, there are many strategies you can do to boost your website performance and attract your visitor such as create some guest posts, tune on social media, place ads, and many more. Know more about how to increase web traffic quickly here.

What Is Website Traffic?

Website traffic refers to the numbers of visitors who visit your website, how many pages they click, and how long they discover the pages. It is a general criterion to your online business’ success at attracting the audience related to the website purposes.

When the audiences visit your website, all the clicks, follows, comments, and all the activities will be saved by the domain analytics. The numbers of the traffic will show you the popular trend of what is most visited, the website engagement, and what audiences’ like about your site.

Understanding The Types of Website Traffic 

Talking about website traffic is crucial for online businesses and organizations. Web traffic is the most used consideration to determine if your website is good or needs improvement.  We all know that, so here’s some ways to increase traffic to a new website:

1. Guest Post

What is a guest post? Guest post is a well-written article from one website that is linked on someone else’s website using internal link or anchor text. In easier understanding, there is one link on the origin post that leads you to another particular website. You call that as ‘backlinks’ in old terms.

This is how to get traffic to your website fast using guest post technique:

  • Get a bigger website or brand to do the guest post on.
  • You should write your guest post articles well and related to the topic of main articles of the website.
  • Use relevant anchor text or internal links to embed your site on the website.
  • Better not choose one article that has too many guest posts on it. The audiences might be sick of scrolling too many backlinks.

Guest post is great marketing to boost the traffic and increase the value of your website. This strategy is like a shoutout from a bigger website, so their audiences will click on your website too. Also, both websites will get some benefits and good reputations.

According to Neil Patel, you can also feature your post on other great platforms such as Medium, Quora, StumbleUpon, or even get famous influencers to be the guest post on your website. The exposure is high on that level of marketing campaign.

2. Social Media

We are all using social media nowadays such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. You can take advantage of social media to boost visitors.

There are two ways to increase traffic to a new website using social media:

  • Branding

Creating signature branding to your website is a must. It’s like your product’s identity and uniqueness. You can create supporting social media linked to your website to tell the world about your product, no matter what it is.

Instagram is the most popular today. Use the platform to get netizens to notice your website. Upload photos with signature colour, logo, and your speciality. Don’t forget the related tags to engage audiences. Once you get more followers, you can tell them to click on your website too.

  • Advertising

All successful online businessmen are using social media platforms for advertisement. It’s called paid traffic, as we mentioned before. You could learn about Instagram ad rules easily. Place the right budget, target, nice copywriting, and it’ll easily lead people to click on your site.

3. PPC

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is another online paid traffic system that is recommended to increase web traffic quickly. PPC allows advertisers to pay per click from the ads clicked. You can choose this PPC ads setting on every platform such as search engine, social media, web page, or another bigger site.

How does PPC work? The advertisers will only pay when the visitor clicks on the ad. This system is more targeted and you can efficiently set your budget on ads. Hopefully, this bidding system ends up in good traffic for the site.

4. SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is the strategy to increase website traffic fast by organic traffic. A SEO writer will write articles based on most searched keywords and apply the SEO techniques there such as:

  • Use potential keywords that you can get from keywords tools like Ubersuggest by Neil Patel.
  • Write keywords of targeted topics.
  • Write the engaging meta description.
  • Use catchy headlines and titles.
  • Embed the internal links.
  • Use internal links.
  • Backlinks.
  • Use long tail keywords.
  • Provide incredible and verified articles.
  • Write and publish daily.
  • Analyse the competitor keywords.

The main purpose of SEO is to get your article to be on the first line on a search engine like Google site. When your article is on top, audiences will likely click on your page that other website. Using the SEO application on every post on a website is also known as last-longer traffic and more valuable. That’s how to increase website traffic through Google search engine.

5. Referral

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Referral is all the visitors that land to your website by a link from another platform. That could be blogs, emails, social media, paid promotion, tracking code, partnership websites, newsletter, banner ads, and more.

Referral traffic can be organic or paid traffic. You can build the referral traffic from a link that you embed on your tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram bio. You could also earn it from paid ads such as using google AdWords or a specific link on your partnered marketing site.

Understanding The Types of Website Traffic 

After you learn about how to increase traffic blog, let’s learn about the different types of website traffic first. This topic will give you a better understanding to know where your audience will come from and how you are going to attract them to visit your site.

They are two types of website traffic, they are:

1. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is all visitors who visit your site using the origin search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. The audience searches for a keyword on the search engine and they find your post on the first page, they click, and that’s what we call as organic traffic.

How to increase traffic blog using organic traffic? You need to upload credible contents in consistency. Also, you need to pay attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. Paid Traffic

The opposite of organic traffic (unpaid traffic), paid traffic refers to all visitors or audiences who click your site by the advertising post you set up. You can place advertising promotions on many platforms such as social media, media networks, or search engine marketing (SEM).

You can simply create an advertisement of your product or your post and the ads will show up to audiences who are looking for it. The ad will appear at the first page, when they click on it, that’s where your visitors are coming from. So far, paid traffic is promising but it depends on the budget and your target ads.

Well, that’s all the recommended ways to increase traffic to a new website. The primary step to concern is to publish qualified contents, apply SEO rules, and don’t forget to promote it whether on social media, backlinks, or marketing campaigns.

Now you know how to increase traffic on a website. You can combine all the strategies to get a better and promising result. In the end, I hope your website can reach the number of visitors you are targeting.

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