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Best 10 Wellness Activities for Team That They Will Love

Office needs do not only focus on income, work needs, and also paying according to employee rights, but with employee wellness in mind. Every employee wellness program is important in many companies to attract top talent, keep them happy and healthy, and increase their productivity. In fact, companies with wellness activities will carry out work with enthusiasm, employees feel cared for and engaged in every activity they do. Thinking about what can be done for employee wellness is not easy, because you have to keep it fun. If you can't engage your team, then any wellness program ideas won't run smoothly. So, this article will explain how we choose wellness activities that can attract employees to do them together. What is an example of wellness? Wellness is everything related to physical health or mental health. If a company wants to hold an employee wellness program, they must think about activities related to exercise, social connectedness, mindfulness, and improving nutrition. Every activity must have an impact on physical or mental health. If done on a weekly basis or daily basis, employees can reduce their stress, achieve optimal wellness, and have positive social interactions. What is the meaning of wellness activities? Whatever activities are carried out by employees to achieve wellness. Whether are physical activities to stay healthy such as exercise, meditation, or mental activities such as stress management, icebreakers, charity, etc. The activities are expected to maintain or improve well-being for employees, so that they can maintain their top performance and always be in good shape. 10 wellness activities that team will love If you want to start an employee wellness program, you must have a list of activities that you can do and that your employees can do with fun and enthusiasm. Whether you are a startup or a large corporation, let's start thinking about some employee wellness programs to boost your team and company. Company retreat or offsite One of the best activities for employee wellness is retreats. You can fill company retreats with lots of fun things to do and are the right time to brainstorm new ideas to advance the company.   12 Company Outing Ideas For Team Bonding   You can invite all employees to dinner, together at the camp, or to the villa after work hours. Offsite or company retreat will provide a new atmosphere for employees so they don't get bored with the office layout, as well as stress relief if they are having a tough day. Rewards for healthy eating habits Getting used to eating healthy is something that is difficult to do at home or at the office. But you can twist it by giving rewards if your employees can maintain their eating habits while in the office. Employers can provide provisions such as creating a nutrition challenge which will provide rewards for anyone who tries to have healthier eating habits. Taking employees to nutrition seminars, giving presentations about managing healthy eating patterns, will intrigue your employees to take part in the wellness program and aim to get the prizes you promised. Encourage walking or biking to the office You can create a program on certain days to tell employees to walk or bike a certain distance from the office. You can use live location to check each of your employees so that no one is cheating, and not only employees, but also higher-ups to show that everyone in the office supports the wellness program without exception. If the weather is not favorable at that time, the office needs to accommodate employees for their commuting costs when taking a taxi or online platform. Schedule yoga day Buy each employee a yoga mat and tell them to bring appropriate clothes and pants for doing yoga together in the office. Hire a yoga instructor for one session a month or once a week, to get employees used to doing yoga together. Yoga is a light exercise activity that can stretch muscles, improve blood circulation, and temporarily relax the brain. Doing yoga activities together with colleagues will bring fun and joy, especially if you can plan it regularly. Acknowledgment and gratefulness meeting Sometimes meetings just discuss important things in the office and focus on the company's progress. But this time, you need to hold a special meeting to be held at the end of the week, to congratulate employees for this week's achievements, acknowledge what achievements the employees have achieved, and be grateful for what the company has achieved in the same week. This will teach employees that their performance is always monitored, and higher-ups will provide praise if employees work better than their expectations. Change attire to casual Sometimes employees will also get bored with them having to prepare every morning to dress neatly in heels, suit and tie. You can tell employees to wear something casual, according to the style they want. Dressing casually will make employees more productive, they will be happy because they don't have to be strict about the dress code, they will feel more comfortable in the office because of the different atmosphere with different costumes. If you look deeper, having a dress code in the office will not have any effect other than showing your office identity. So this will not affect office productivity. However, if your employees are happy because they are free to get dressed, they will feel totally free and will be more productive on that day. Visit a local farmer’s market for shopping and lunch Visiting the local farmer's market will give each employee time to relax, as well as offering to pay for every organic produce that employees choose. Figure out how to transport to reach the local market, whether walking or by vehicle, then let employees choose the organic goods they will buy. Because each employee can only choose organic products, you indirectly make your employees think about cooking according to what they buy. You can also make your employees eat healthy food at their home. Survey your employees to find out what's working and what's not Employee satisfaction at work can be seen from what they do. Don't waste your employees' time and energy by allowing a program that doesn't produce much, but you force it because you think it's good. Ask for feedback from employees to create wellness initiatives, until they can find something that is beneficial or engaging as a whole. Give employees time to discuss what programs should remain in place, what parts should be improved, and what programs should be discontinued. By giving authority to employees, they will be more satisfied with their work, because they feel they have a stake in the overall progress of the company. Offer flexible working arrangements Correct working hours will provide more productivity time compared to long work hours. You need to have discussions with employees about their productive time, starting from the time they come in until the time they go home. For effective working time and ensuring that each employee works with full energy, it is 6 hours. Moreover, employees will not be able to fully focus because they need rest, want to stabilize their mind, and time for cravings or eating. If you do a productivity survey, you will see that your employees are much more productive when their working hours are flexible, compared to when they have to work longer and strict hours. Go enjoy nature together For some employees who are stressed because of their work, you need to take them out of the office to enjoy nature such as beaches, hills, mountains, lakes, or other natural beauty. Accommodate all employee needs from food to transportation, and let employees relax and be one with nature. Enjoying the quiet atmosphere and beautiful natural views will be a place to relax and relieve stress drastically. Deliberate with employees about the right place for them, anything with a natural theme. Ensuring employee wellness is one of the office's obligations to ensure employees continue to provide their best performance, and the company cares about their physical and mental health. Create an employee wellness program and do it immediately in your office, and get the benefits for some time to come. If you need other information about how to thrive your business from small to medium business scale, licensing, legalization, leadership, or SME, you can visit SMEBrother and get the information you need. SMEBrother is your business bro to meet all your business needs, because we have experience in advancing any business sector you have.
帶你揭開Family Office的神秘面紗
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帶你揭開Family Office的神秘面紗

近期香港政府銳意發展香港成為世界領先的家族辦公室樞紐,並期望於2025年底前協助不少於200間家族辦公室在香港設立業務。究竟家族辦公室如何運作,在香港設立家族辦公室有何前景機遇,本篇文章爲各位解開 Family Office 背後的神秘面紗。 什麼是家族辦公室(Family Office) 家族辦公室是指專門為富裕家族(此類家族一般其可用於投資的資產超過1億美元)提供投資管理和財富管理的私人公司,家族辦公室的目的是幫助富裕家族實現財富的跨代增長。家族辦公室的理財資金來源為家族的自有資金。家族辦公室會爲客戶提供全面的財富管理服務,當中包括風險管理,稅務規劃,房產規劃, 顧問服務,遺產規劃, 財富教育,資產投資, 生活管理,慈善規劃, 現金管理等等。   家族辦公室一般可分爲單一家族辦公室(Single Family Office) 或聯合家族辦公室 (Multi Family Office, MFO)。單一家族辦公室只為一個超級富裕的家庭服務,而聯合家族辦公室則同時服務多個富裕家庭,而由於聯合家族辦公室管理的客戶更多,能夠做到成本分攤從而達到規模效應,因此收費比單一家族辦公室更具競爭力。 家族辦公室的發展現況 根據相關調查,全球家族辦公室的數量正在增加,截至 2019 年第二季度末,全球共有 7,300 個家族辦公室,比前兩年增長了 38%。北美的家族辦公室數目所佔份額最高,共有 3,100 家,佔總數的 42%,歐洲有 2,300 家,而亞太地區則有 1,300 家。南美、非洲和中東等新興市場的家族辦公室數目則有 600 家。亞太地區家族辦公室的數量增長速度最快,過去兩年增長了 44%,北美增長幅度爲 41%,歐洲則爲 28%,當中頭部市場由1-5家市場領導者所壟斷。 家族辦公室在香港的前景及機遇 香港特首李家超在其首份《施政報告》中設定目標,在2025年年底前,要吸引不少於200個家族辦公室在香港開設營業部或擴大業務。 家族辦公室的發展對香港經濟有重大益處。首先,私人財富管理的高端性質有助提高資產管理規模(Assets under management, AUM),亦是企業家和商業項目投資資金的重要來源。其次,發展家族辦公室可以拓展專業化的金融與非金融服務,包括投資管理、財務規劃、遺產和稅務規劃、慈善投資、禮賓服務等。無論是相應業務的內包還是外包,均創造高增值的工作崗位。 香港作為全球第三大上市集資地,理應具備成為亞洲財富管理中心的天然優勢,並擁有蓬勃發展的家族辦公室行業。 然而,新加坡在過去兩三年間在發展家族辦公室方面取得的亮麗成績。新加坡的家族辦公室數量從2020年的400家增加到2021年的700家。據報道,律師事務所私人財富和家族辦公室業務聯席主管Loh Kia Meng預計,新加坡在去年年底前本應有1500個家族辦公室成立。在去年9月,新加坡更取代香港成為世界第三大金融中心。 儘管新加坡和香港在吸引富豪資本方面存在競爭,但這行業的發展空間足以容納香港和新加坡。在亞洲,約36%的家族辦公室的資產管理規模超過10億美元,而85%的亞洲億萬富翁仍在領導其家族企業,這意味着亞洲仍處於代際財富轉移的風口。據市場估計,今年上半年香港擁有1.5萬位超過3000萬美元淨資產的人士(超高淨值人士,UHNWIs)。 為促進家族辦公室業務在香港的發展,香港特區政府在2022年的《施政報告》中,公布了針對香港單一家族辦公室(SFO)所管理的家族投資控權工具(FIHV)的稅務寬減稅收優惠制度立法草案(即FIHV稅制)。自2022/23課稅年度(YOA)起,在滿足相關條件的情況下,FIHV稅制將為超高淨值個人及其家庭成員從FIHV相關交易中取得的應課稅利潤提供0%的稅率。有利的稅收政策對家族辦公室的發展至關重要。 隨着關口重新開放,許多希望靠近中國大陸的內地超高淨值家庭將會來港生活以及建立他們的家庭和家族辦公室。根據相關新聞報道,全面取消病毒旅行限制可能會給香港(的家族辦公室)帶來進一步的推動力。但對該行業持樂觀態度的另一個原因是香港政府對該行業的大力支持,部分通過直接制定政策,部分通過金融服務發展局(FSDC)和香港投資推廣署旗下的FamilyOfficeHK來推動。金融服務發展委員會已經完成了一系列關於香港和內地家族辦公室富有洞察力的研究,並為香港家族辦公室的發展提供了有效的政策建議;FamilyOfficeHK則通過鑑別有潛力的服務提供商,提供簽證申請、就業和教育相關建議,幫助家族辦公室在香港順利開展業務。有些家族開設辦公室是為了利用集團的投資購買力為家族提供規模經濟; 其他人則希望控制整個過程、擁有專門的工作人員以及保持家庭成員聯繫的方式。 所有人都希望家族辦公室為其事務提供專業、私密且無衝突的管理,以增加長期維持人力和財務資本的機會。家族辦公室的營運速度通常比傳統投資公司更快、更靈活。 與機構基金不同,許多家族辦公室沒有正式的授權,甚至沒有投資委員會。 總體目標取決於主體的確定,因此可以更快地進行投資並部署獨特的結構。與進入結構類似,家族辦公室在投資退出方面可以非常靈活。他們通常是長期持有者,這可能是資本結構中的寶貴資產。 此外,隨著公司規模和發展,家族辦公室往往是自然的買家,特別是對於負責人擁有深厚領域專業知識的家族辦公室。 家族辦公室在以下方面各不相同:起源:家族辦公室可能僅圍繞一名委託人(「單一家族」)或多個委託人(「多家族」)組成。規模:管理規模從數億美元到數十億美元不等。結構:從可以與最具機構性的公司相媲美的成熟投資顧問到只有一位被引用的個人顧問。策略:雖然實質財富保值通常是主要目標,但根據本金的性質,資本增值或成長也同樣重要。 「單一家族辦公室」還是「聯合家族辦公室」?單一家族辦公室可投資資產超過 1 億美元的財富所有者可能會選擇創辦自己的財富管理業務,即單一家族辦公室,以監督其人力和金融財富的各個方面。該組織的唯一目的是確保以獨立且無衝突的方式實現其所有者的目標和優先事項。聯合家族辦公室聯合家族辦公室 (MFO) 是一家財富管理公司,為有限數量的客戶提供全面、高度客製化的服務。 參與家庭可以獲得廣泛的綜合服務。資產超過 2000 萬美元的個人和家庭可能最適合由 MFO 提供服務。 MFO 讓家族享受專門的單一家族辦公室的好處,而無需承擔經營新業務的管理費用和責任。   家族辦公室的未來會是怎樣? 總而言之,家族辦公室空間仍然是資本市場中一個充滿活力且模糊的角落。 最一致的一件事是角落正在快速成長。 隨著收入不平等和資本回報率(與勞動力相比)的迅速增加,這些類型的公司數量將繼續增加。此外,服務提供者現在花費更多時間思考為這些獨特客戶提供服務的最佳方式。 投資銀行競相提供最交鑰匙的解決方案,希望能與這些家族合作。 從歷史上看,家族辦公室的關係是建立在長期的家庭關係的基礎上的。 然而,日益能夠滿足家族辦公室負責人和營運人員的所有需求是至關重要的。 這些服務可以捆綁一切,從併購諮詢、個人或交易融資到客製化禮賓服務,例如藝術估價和針對下一代的教育計劃。隨著服務提供者越來越適應這些公司的需求,這些家族辦公室公司的成立將變得越來越有意義。 隨著更多公司的成立,更多的服務提供者將為他們提供越來越有效率的服務。 總而言之,良性循環將導致家族辦公室的大幅成長。因此,任何尋求資金的人都有責任認真考慮接觸家族辦公室。 雖然這種前景必須比許多尋求資金的人普遍採取的「噴塗和祈禱」態度更加微妙,但從長遠來看,它可能會非常富有成效。