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Things You Need to Know About Managing Pet Immigration and Bringing Pets to Hong Kong

Moving to Hong Kong is exciting, but it can be a daunting experience when you want to bring your pet with you. Hong Kong has its own regulations regarding anyone bringing a pet from abroad, and they must know about pet immigration before they can stay with their pet. You certainly don't want to leave your fluffy friends behind, and this article will explain the application procedures for bringing pets to Hong Kong such as registered vets, licensing requirements, and how to be a responsible pet owner while in Hong Kong. Can I bring my pet to Hong Kong? Before arriving in Hong Kong and bringing your pet, you must apply for a special permit and pay the specified fee to bring your pet. That regulation relates to pet imports to Hong Kong, and must be transferred by the most direct route or the fastest way from the exporting country to Hong Kong. Animals must be transported to Hong Kong as Manifested Cargo. The pet will be transported with a label with the current IATA LAR (Live Animal Regulations). For pet relocation to Hong Kong, you must prepare moving and immigration tasks including your belongings, arranging transportation, booking flights, and handling documentation. Hong Kong has regulations for all types of pets brought in, and as a rabies-controlled area, there is a lot to take care of when you bring a pet into Hong Kong. What are application procedures for bringing animals to Hong Kong? Before you carry out pet immigration, you can prepare several things below to make it easier for you to bring your pet to Hong Kong. Pet microchip The dogs and cats you bring must be implanted with an ISO or AVID microchip. If the microchip cannot be found or read, the owner or importer must provide their own microchip scanner. If the microchip is not found anywhere on the body, the pet will be returned to the country of origin at the expense of the owner or importer. Vaccinations Dogs must be fully vaccinated against Hepatitis, Distemper, and Parvovirus. Cats must be fully vaccinated against cat flu and Feline Panleukopenia. Both dogs and cats must be fully vaccinated no more than one year or at least 14 days before entering Hong Kong. Dogs and cats from Groups 1 and 3 do not need to be vaccinated against rabies, but it is still recommended to vaccinate against rabies if your pet comes from a Group 3 country. Especially for pets from Group 2 countries, you must be vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days and no more than 1 year before you go to Hong Kong. Health certificate Dogs and cats must pass a health check, the health certificate can be made by the government vet, and not more than 14 days before the export. Import permit Dogs and cats can only enter Hong Kong with a special permit. The permit can be obtained from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of Hong Kong. The permit requires at least 3 working days to process the application. After you get the special permit, the import permit is valid for 6 months. Pet transport Hong Kong  Before thinking about steps to get pet immigration, you need to think about which country your pet comes from. This is necessary because it will determine whether your pet will be quarantined first, or other requirements depending on the source of the pet. Hong Kong government differentiates the source of animal entry into three groups. The first group of countries are the United Kingdom, Australia, Hawaii, Fiji, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, and Jersey administrative region. The first group does not require pet entry quarantine and can enter Hong Kong smoothly because it has gone through pet vaccines and pet microchip. The second group of countries are Bermuda, Austria, Bahrain, Finland, Canada, Cyprus, Guam, Italy, Germany, Malta, Luxembourg, Papua New Guinea, Norway, Solomon Islands, Seychelles, Switzerland, Spain, Vanuatu, Taiwan, Belgium, Bahamas , Brunei, Denmark, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, France, Jamaica, Iceland, Mauritius, Maldives, Portugal, New Caledonia, South Korea, Portugal, Sweden, Netherlands, Singapore, United States, and Virgin Islands. The second group does not require pet quarantine. For other countries that are not included in the first and the second group of countries, the pet must be quarantined for 120 days upon entry to Hong Kong, and the cost is HK$5,520 for cat and HK$10,800 for dog. Pet travelers to Hong Kong must prepare vaccination records, microchip implantation, pet health certificate, dog or cat license, import permit, Hong Kong pet import as cargo, and do not include bringing dangerous animals that are prohibited from entering Hong Kong such as American Pit Bull Terriers, Japanese Tosa, Brazilian Fila, and Argentine Dogo. Is there an agency that can handle pet immigration? If you are confused about the many steps you have to prepare to bring your fluffy friend to Hong Kong, SMEBrother can help you with pet immigration. We offer the following services : IATA-approved pet crates for transportation, advising the best way for your pet to Hong Kong, handling all pet travel and immigration procedures, managing all import and export documentation with the AFCD (Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department) , planning the best immigration route for your booking airlines, and pet transportation procedures. 寵物移民最新懶人包 SMEBrother has helped many pet owners to transport their furry gamily to Hong Kong with great reputation and trust. We will efficiently handle the Hong Kong's pet immigration matters and ensure that your pet will have a safe journey including equipment and documentation. We offer competitive pricing for your pet's entry into Hong Kong, ensuring transparency without any additional costs at the end and there will be no hidden costs. Contact us immediately before you arrange a trip to Hong Kong, provide us with your information about you and your pet's travel, and let us think about the best steps to ensure your pet gets to Hong Kong and has taken care of all the necessary documents.


最近香港移民潮不斷,好多人都希望帶埋愛寵移民到新家園。寵物移民是一個複雜的過程,需要仔細的計劃和準備。無論您是為了移民或只是帶著您的毛孩度假,了解寵物移民的要求和步驟是很重要的。在本篇文章中,我們將為您介紹2023年的寵物移民懶人包,包括最新要求、流程、國家和寵物移民費用參考等方面的信息。 2023年最新寵物移民費用參考 2023最新寵物移民英國、加拿大、澳洲價錢參考(一些寵物種類不一定適用,需要具體查詢) 寵物移民項目 寵物移民費用參考(HKD) ISO晶片植入 $300 起 注射狂犬病疫苗 $300 起 狂犬病檢測 $3000 起 體内外杜蟲 $450 起 發出衛生證書 $1000 起 寵物寄艙 $2000 起 寵物籠 $500-$4500 清關 $3000 起 手續辦理收費 視乎目的地   寵物移民一般有什麽要求? - 寵物晶片 (Microchip) - 接種疫苗 - 疫苗接種記錄 (Vaccination Record) - 寵物健康證明書 ( Offical Health Certificate) - 航空公司批准的旅行箱(IATA標準) - 聯繫航空公司工作人員和海關部門 - 清關(有些航空公司會有指定清關公司)   各國寵物入境規定限制 一般熱門移民國家有一些特別規定 例如: 台灣 寵物入境台灣,貓狗準備移居時間最少4個月。狂犬病抗體測試合格,最少三個月後寵物可移居。 澳洲 寵物入境澳洲,貓狗準備移居時間最少7個月。必須植入ISO晶片及漁護署發出寵物身份證明才可到埗隔離10日(而非30日)。狂犬病抗體測試合格,最少6個月後寵物可移居。 英國 寵物入境英國,貓狗準備移居時間最少1.5個月。要留意狗狗出衛生證書日杜蟲,120小時內需到埗英國。 香港 寵物入境香港,只容許寵物或動物以貨運形式輸入。中國大陸貓狗必須植入ISO 晶片。每名旅客每次只能攜帶 1 隻狗或 1 隻貓入境。 美國 寵物入境美國,除了美國入口要求,亦都需要符合所到省份對寵物的進口要求。   寵物移民準備事項及流程 準備事項一:準備瘋狗症疫苗,並為寵物植入ISO晶片 帶狗或貓移民前,必須先植入晶片( AVID 及 ISO) 以供辨識身份。 準備事項二:在獸醫處進行檢查和辦理健康證明 準備一份由獸醫簽署及漁農自然護理署加簽的寵物健康證明。   除此之外,移民前主人需帶同寵物、疫苗接種紀錄等文件前往香港獸醫診所取得由診所發出的寵物護照。   準備事項三:預先寄寵物用品到移民新居 帶寵物移民前,可以預先將寵物用品及你的生活用品寄去所在移民目的地,到步後就能使用。 準備事項四:訂寵物機位 寵物需以貨運方式入境,寵物主人預訂機票後需聯絡航空公司申請寵物機位,航空公司會提供一個臨時空運提單號碼。   然後聯絡該航空公司在抵達機場的負責清關公司,取得一個清關服務確認編號,再以該清關編號向相關航空貨運公司訂購貨位。 準備事項五:準備飛機專用寵物籠 寵物籠必須符合國際航空運輸協會(IATA)的要求,亦需準備水樽及糧食兜。建議在籠內放入毛巾及主人的衣服,讓毛孩保暖及有熟悉的氣味陪伴,減低寵物搭飛機的不安。   準備事項六:準備轉移居留(ToR) 在抵埗目的地前,主人需要向所在國家地區HMRC申請ToR(Transfer of Residence)轉移居留,證明寵物是隨主人移民而非貨品,以避免被收取增值稅。   寵物出入口需要反覆的文件和準備,所以請及早計劃! 根據您要移居的國家/地區,您的寵物將面臨完全不同的要求、限制、甚至有機會需要隔離,其中一些國家的寵物入境會比較繁複及耗時,例如澳洲,台灣等國家, 準備時間有可能要花費半年或更長時間去計劃。航空公司、國家和出口/進口之間也有許多不斷變化的要求。 帶寵物移民前要了解清楚移民國家地區的準備事項、注意事項和寵物移民文件等,以免寵物移民期間發生狀況外的麻煩。