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What Is SEO – Why Is SEO Important

What Is SEO – Why Is SEO Important

Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing the quality and volume of website visitors to a specific site or a particular page by search engines. SEO will target free traffic as opposed to paid or direct traffic. In other words, this technique focuses on making sure that your site appears in the top positions of search results for relevant keywords.

The first aim of SEO is to rank high in the search engine results for targeted keywords. SEO experts use techniques and software to accomplish this. Keywords or phrases are targeted depending on what the visitor to your website is looking for.

SEO firms have tools that enable them to analyze keywords and create content that is most often found in the search engines like Google and Yahoo. They then take these keywords and create suitable content to be placed on the top pages of the search engines like Google and Yahoo.

What is SEO? How does it work?

Search engines are using a special algorithm to rate the relevance of a webpage. The process is called search engine optimization, or optimization for search engines, and it helps your web pages rank on the search results page.

The best strategies achieve the highest ranking, and these are called SEO or search engine optimization strategies. The major criteria on which the rankings are calculated to include the number of incoming links, the total number of words used in the web pages, and the total number of pages indexed by the search engines every month.

Why Is SEO Important For Business?

what is seo

The benefits of SEO are not just limited to online businesses but also to offline businesses as well. The ranking of your website plays a very crucial role in getting more business. When your business gets listed in Google Places, you will be reaching more customers online. Moreover, when you are featured in other local business directories, you will gain credibility and more customers will trust your brand.

When online business owners get listed in search engines, they usually focus on their website. However, there is another benefit of having a website besides promoting your business. You need to have good content on your site so that people will want to visit your site and buy your products. When the content on your site is good, it will get better rankings with search engines.

SEO will drive more traffic to your site. Once your site is listed in Google and other popular search engines, people will conduct a search using those keywords and you will get more traffic. If you do not have an idea on how to make your website rank well with search engines, there are professionals who will do it for you. You just have to make sure that the person who will do it is reputable.

What You Will Get When Implementing SEO For Your Business?

SEO is a great benefit for business because it allows you to compete with other companies established in the same industry. As a result, you will increase your profit because SEO can also help you attract new customers. If you spend money on advertising, it is important that you also spend money on attracting more customers to your website.

Link building and creating a targeted article is one of the best ways to improve your Google page rank and increase your website traffic. Because search engines give higher rankings to websites with many quality links and fresh informatic articles, you can easily achieve a high Google page rank and high SEO rankings. SEO is important because it gives you more chances to be on the first page of search engines.

The more backlinks you have pointing to your website, and the more informative articles you have, the more popular your website. With more popular websites, you will have more chances of getting more customers and earning more profit. Link building should be considered a part of all your SEO activities. Remember, without a good system, and there will be no SEO benefit for the business.

SEO benefit for business is a very valuable advantage. You will have a more efficient online marketing system and be able to increase your profits. Because search engines give higher page rankings to websites with many quality links, this will surely increase your business's potential. So if you want your business to succeed, SEO benefit for business is the way to go.

The Two Main Things Of The SEO Method

what is seo

There are two types of SEO that you need to know, On-page and Off-page. On-Page SEO deals with the internal factors that drive traffic to a website. The main objective of this technique is to improve the user experience of a website by enhancing its internal structure and web navigation.

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing the content of a web page. This is the process where a company improves the web's physical layout by including meta tags, keyword density, title tags, and image tags. In addition, internal links, directories, and keywords are included in the design. On-page SEO services include building link popularity, generating internal backlinks, generating relevant links, and article marketing.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is an optimization technique that deals with creating inbound links to a website. This process is carried out through directory submission, blog commenting, and social bookmarking. This increases the authority of a website in the eyes of major search engines. By increasing the authority of a website, it is easier to attract quality traffic.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO consists of various factors, such as optimizing the website content. Search engines use different criteria when determining page ranking. A website needs to comply with the basic SEO requirements like title tags, keyword density, meta description, and keyword tags. It is also necessary to have a unique layout, adequate content, and informative content. The content of a web page is what attracts the visitor's attention while reading the main text.


Several factors affect the ranking of the website. Search algorithms are continuously changing. The importance of the webmaster's knowledge is becoming increasingly important in maintaining a high rank.

There is a continuous need to improve the web page ranking. The content needs to be updated regularly to maintain visibility and relevance. A large number of off-site factors also contribute to improving a website's position.

Knowing about the importance of SEO for the progress of your business, then you must take steps in advancing your business by using SEO services.

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4 Easy Ways to Keep Connected With Your Customer

4 Easy Ways to Keep Connected With Your Customer

The one of the important key of bussiness continuity and development is our customers. They are the recepients of our product benefits, and certainly they are also the party that give our bussiness cash flow. Without them, our bussiness doesn’t exist. Furthermore, the growth of bussiness never happens if we lost the contact or the interaction with them.

If we have good communication to them, it could make us easier to do marketing and up our selling target. Because have the customer’s database is not enough. We have to take care of them with our bussiness capacity. What happen if we still established in a good communication? Of course they would re-purchase our products and also recommend us to their circle too!

The bad treatment to our customers or lost contact after purchasing – just a formal transaction relation doesn’t make customers come back to us and our brands doesn’t remarkable in their mind. So we should more patient to feed them the soft communcation, instead of hard selling them every single day. They will bored right?

And here we are, the 4 easy formula to stay inside a good relationship with our customers:

Hear And Deep Listen The Honest Testimonial

Connected With Your Customer 2

In reality, the customers that choose our products to fulfill their needs/want, off course have the comments about those products. At least one comment. Because they already spent their money to use our solution to their problem. It means that they already give us the trust in the problem that they face. Who wants spent the money for bought the useless product? Off course the clients must have any expectations about the products.

If we confused about how to still connect with our product’s buyers, we could provide the “listening to the product’s feedback” place. Whatever it form, make sure that our customer’s could convey they felt and tought honestly to us. Chat one by one in any social media, open the comments section in website, or in public posts in social media.

With this, we would receive the positives and the negatives side about our services from all of them after purchasing and use our products. They would happy too if we could reply their feedback with politely and friendly.

Feed Them With Enough Related Product Information And Poured Into Many Contents

Considering before purchasing often did by many people. The contents about product information and also the relate education about it would help them to choose. If you want to maximize, don’t forget to make the customers or followers contribute the product formulations. Isn’t one of the reason we create products and build a bussiness is to solve customer’s problem? Listen to them and gain many ideas from any platforms.

But, once is not enough. We should update our feed and catch the trends of our market to create the newest contents, consistently. No matter if we could update just for once a week. They will aware about our brand’s existence. In nowadays, we also could update the interactive contents such as Q&A, polling, etc. right? So, let’s try to use many feature in our possible channel to engage with our customers.

Give Them Appreciation

Everyone love a honest appreciaton, said Dale Carnegie. Our customers love it too! We could pour it into many kinds of communication that able to reached by customer. The example of easy way to keep interacts with customers for this points can be: compliment contents in social medias, thank you card in our product, simple gift addition while they purchase our product, and many more! And here some example to give them a nice words:

  • Have a great day !
  • Thank you for supporting us !
  • You are an excellent mom ! (baby’s product)
  • This is a small gift just only for our loyal customers ! Enjoy it ! 

Keep two side-direction communication

Connected With Your Customer 1

If we already interact with our audiences in any platforms before they buy, follow up the customers is no less important. We shouldn’t worry if they will uncomfortable with our strategies to ask and keep the communication to them. Even the customers would be happy if they could speak up their needs and complains. Furthermore, actually they have addition question about the product.

Yes, these works will be a huge homework for the bussiness. Receive all of the bad complains, feed with interactive contents every time, follow up in chat or email if we have the database of the customers, and also ensure them to be a loyal customers for us. Need many patiences, time, and human resources. But, it also a huge investation too right? Interaction before and after transaction ! And our bussiness will be the remarkable brand for them.

If your need any kind of service for your bussiness, you could visit us here. SME Bro is a regional business service provider based in Hong Kong. We have service office in Guangzhou, Shenzhen & Hong Kong to provide company opening, tax & audit service, funding & bank applications On top, we provide professional e-commerce service for international & Hong Kong E-Commerce to jump start their business in China.

10 Bright Ideas to Build an Interesting Website

10 Bright Ideas to Build an Interesting Website

In recent age, “Googling” to searching for information before finally decide what solution, is the path that 8 from 10 customers generally use. It means, website could be so powerful for your perfect information place and surely can attract people to buy what we offer. With interesting website, amount traffic of people that gain information about many solutions as they need and purchase number on our website could increase more than we think!

But, if we didnt build our website properly, don’t expect for the huge of viewers and buyers. Besides, people could easily underestimate our brand and choose another brand or competitor.

Low quality of website, low traffics and customer too. Worth to try, these 10 ideas could improve your website.

  1. Make the very unique and remarkable domain.

Don’t ignore the website domain’s name. Why? because customers attract on us and one of their reason is from our unique domain’s. Apart from creating a unique domain, make those fit with popular relate keyword with our products, and ensure your domain is so easy to remember too.

In other word, we have to formulate our domain’s name with the unique SEO-able simple short words for catch more customer. Compare this: www.packingyourthings.com with www.thebestfoodpackagingboxandplastic.com. Which is more unique simple and remarkable domain? I’m sure we have a same choice.

  1. Fill the complete information about our business

If social media was used for product display and interactive place, website is most appropriate place to give further information. More complete our information, more customer pleased because our website fulfill they needs.

This idea based on the main motive of prospective customers to surfing google machine. Yes! Searching for enough information from a website. Those information including all of our business information, location, how to order, contact person, testimonial, and many more!  

We could imagine about customer journey on internet or what kind of information they need first before transaction happen. Explore it and apply to our website. Certainly, people will stay if we have very complete information as they want.

  1. Don’t Forget to complete our web information with product explanation

A delicious food is incomplete without a bit of salt. As well as product info in our website. Many of information in a website is incomplete without products description. What kind of problem we solve, vary of our brand service, and the detail about the product such as: benefit, price, size, weight, color, side-effect or others description based on the type of the product, would support customer’s consideration.

Lack of knowledge could easily make people left our website. Many example of website features that couldnt provide enough information about brand and product so they skip to another site. Therefore, make sure your website contain a perfect product info as customer’s need.

  1. Great design, great visitor

Ensure your design including feature, placement, color, shape, content type, font match with your customer’s character. Before it, make sure we already have a database about customer segment including about customer’s interest.

Website building

In general, women identic with pink color and epic design. Also men, usually compatible with dark theme such as black or navy design. Each of data such as age, profession, gender, location, and many variables could have their own characteristic. Make them happy with our brand design that match with them. 

  1. Word and diction in whole contents in your website, based on your customer’s character

Not just the match design, the contents should sounds like client’s language. Learn and research their way to discuss and response, viral trends, spesific familar word, could be some powerful ingredients to create a contents.

If you difficult to handle it, you could delegate it to content creator services. 

  1. Consistently update a new blog contents that based on customer’s need and interest

What happen if we attacked by ads, product promotion, product information, everytime. Day by day, hour by hour, even minute by minute, every moment. We will stuck in boredom situation and being more worst if those relate with a brand or product that contains promotion only.

Welcome to the softselling in internet world, who people could more stay with our brand because of contents. Alright, we spend more time on a website that contain full of information that we really need. Whatever the kind of contents it is – videos, articles, podcasts, or just a piece of photos with a creative caption, as long as the uploads are consistent, people would consume our posts to fulfill their thirst of information.

  1. Ensure your website load with fast speed

With quick respon of website loading, our customer will directly view our website appearance and information. So, they didn’t wait our website load too slow. How many of us, change the visit from a website to another website because of that website running out of our patience stock?

Clients want to obtain many information as they need as fast as possible. So, why we don’t provide the best service including the speed of website loading? 

  1. Connect your website with another social media links

Absolutely we have another platform of social media that could be accessed by customer. At least one another social media link. With put those links in our website, people could discover more about our brand and attract more interest if match with their needs. 

  1. Add “search bar” fitur to easier the customer’s journey

Vary of contents and little bit of information. It can solve with search bar fitur in our website.

  1. Explain your story of your business

We can start from the history, vision and mission, what kind of brand services, and maybe the person behind the scene too!

In this digital age, attention of people on every contents including websites on internet right now just 3 second. If those not interesting for your customer, they will search for another contents quickly. So, will you let them go away when they just arrived click on your website?

If your need a service to build and maintanance your website for your bussiness, you could visit us here. Grab your chance fast !